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Do you like America's Toughest Jobs?

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Has anybody been watching this show? It's a reality show on NBC where contestants do America's toughest jobs. Each week somebody gets eliminated.

I love it! It doesn't look contrived or anything. Just a simple show where contestants do the real job without glaming it up to make it more entertaining.

This week the contestants were on a Alaskan fishing board trying to get crabs. It looked like a tough job when you consider all they have to do. Whew!

So, do you like the show?


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I saw the preview for it enough times during the Olympics, but I forget when it was coming on so I haven't seen it. It looks pretty lame actually, but I want to see at least one episode.


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
I saw it and got a kick out of it. I would love to go on the show. I would have so much fun. I think I would drive everybody nuts with my brand of work humor. I tend to have fun in any job I do.

It looks like they took all the shows like Dirty Jobs, Deadliest catch, and Ice Road truckers and turned them into a reality game show.

I would so love to do this, not to be on TV but to see if I am still as tough as I once was, I am not afraid to get down and dirty for my pay.