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America's churches are dying


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Read this article this morning, but totally forgot to post it.

http://faithcommunitiestoday.org/sites/faithcommunitiestoday.org/files/Decade of Change Final_0.pdf

Long article, lots of graphs but a lot of interesting points are made. Such as:

- Half of churches report having fewer than 100 attendees weekly.
- Religion is still segregated. On the Christian side, growth is in minority communities, particularly Hispanic, which are growing their own churches, rather than moving into established white churches.
- Megachurch attendance is on the decline, just like everywhere else.

And a few others. What are your thoughts? I would like to hear people's thoughts even if you're not church goers.


Registered Member
Couldnt get the link to work. Dont know where this article did the study but in central Florida churches are always popping up and on Sundays they always seem to be packed to the hilt slowing traffic down. Im a atheist but my wife is a practicing Catholic and our small town didnt have a catholic church. So she would drive to the next town. She is Spanish and preferred not going to a segregated church but rather one that is diverse. And now recently our town just finished building there huge catholic church which she goes to and says its always hard to find a seat when late. So religion and church going is stronger then ever here in central Florida.