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Americans Prefer Dog Poop To Congress


Free Spirit
Staff member
Sick of the government shutdown? Sick of being asked about your opinion on Congress’ behavior? You’re probably not alone. It’s no secret that Congress’ approval ratings have been in the toilet, especially lately. But one poll took to measuring Americans’ distaste by comparing Congress to other unpleasant people or things.

Best Government Shutdown Poll Yet: Americans Prefer Dog Poop, Hemorrhoids To Congress
This is the most unusual poll I have ever seen but you know your not well liked when Americans prefer dog poop and hemorrhoids to you. Not all is lost thought at least they preferred congress to a twerking Ebola infected serial killer.

I think I would like stepping in dog poop more than congress, at least that can be easily removed.

Anything disgusting you would like more than congress?


I'm serious
Quite the flair for the dramatic. Not exactly the type of poll that can be taken for anything but it's intended shock value. But it does prove a point rather spectacularly.