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Americans Bounced from Cup by Upstart Ghana


blue 3
First off everyone seems to be dogging Ghana but you do have to realize that they did advance over the Czech Republic. So as bad as everyone seems to think they are; they were good enough to get to the next round. (Granted they did lose out) Ghana was a pretty decent team; a little new to the World Cup scene, and very inexeperience but still a good team.

As far as the UNited States goes. A lot of it was all hype. I mean we did have a lot of potential (We always do) but we're still missing a Zidane or Raldino or Ronaldo. We don't have that star player. Sure we have a bunch of great players, but no one really stepped up as leader. You can blame the coaching staff all you want, but ultimately the players decide their own fate. Sure the coaches can put the players at a disadvantage but they can't lose the game entirely. Also What was wrong with the 4:3:1 set up? If the U.S didn't need the help on defence then why did they allow 6 goals.

That puts our defense on the likes of Japan, Togo, and Iran. Not the greatest defences if you ask me. So as far as I'm concenred the UNitd States needed as much help on Defense as possible.

Even if we did create some more offensive using a different formation the UNited States gave the ball up WAY too many times for us to even consider a more offensive strategy beneficial.