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    Yeasterday Russians voted for parliament, but americans politicmen didn't accept the correctness of this voteing. why? it's politic, I understand. what you think about Russians and Russia?
    I'm wasn't born n Russia, but I'm Russian. You know, it's like Irish, who didn't born in Ireland, but celebrate St. Patrick's. I know some American thinking: all Russians men are drinking, all Russians women are b*tchs. and a lot of bears on Moscow' street. Many Americans thinking all Russians are Russian mafia. What is this? propaganda (popularization), the politic struggle for power or cliché? what you think about Russians? you think Russia became democratic country or communistic jail?

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    Well initially, Russia was a democratic state. (After the "fall" of communism) Unfortunatly, Putin has pulled a "Bush" and moved Russia further towards Despotism than Democracy. Also, through out it's history, Russia (much like all of Europe) has been pretty anti-democracy. However, thats a product of time and location more than people.

    Russians themselves are as diverse as Americans. One of my best friends is Russian, she's awesome. You'd be suprised to see how many people don't hold the stereotypes you've labeled. Although I think most of the younger population is open minded while the older generations are still caught up in the communism crusades and the Cold War.

    I hope that makes sense? Glad you came to this forum, you enjoying it so far?
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    SuiGeneris, thank you. I try have fun here. :lol:

    but! maybe democratic very good for America and West Europe. Russia have long - long history of total power of her liders. Tsars, liders... Ivan Terribal. He killed a lot of people, they deading was savage, but PEOPLE loved him! because Russians like hard fist. Russians don't need democratic freedom. after freedom (in Russia) coming anarchy. and now too people (not only old!) remember and love Stalin. not Lenin, who give people freedom! but Stalin, who take away this freedom.
    I like Putin. I think he is best Russian lider, best for Russia. He is very smart, prudent and power lider. When he become President, Russia keep importent place in world politic.
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    You're right, that may Russians view the more "tyrannical" leaders as strong leaders. However, other countries (Including the United States) may not see it that way. It's true that when Putin came into power Russia began to regain some of it's lost foreign power, however, that power has already begun to slide. Putin has been dealing with many different nations under the table (like China) while proclaiming alliance to democracy and the United States. I'm not saying he's a bad ruler, but he hasn't sat in anyone particular boat, instead he's tried to touch everyone's, and thats hurt Russia as a whole.

    That's why America sees Russia so differently. Like I said earlier, a lot of it has to do with the Cold War, but the different mind sets of the two nations are apparent. America wants a leader who gives freedom, while Russia seeks a leader who gives stability.

    My only complain with Stalin is he absolutely destroyed Russia's potential by killing or imprisoning all of his scientists. The USSSR could have easily passed the United States if her scientists were actually allowed to work. Any break through that wasn't exclussively requested by Stalin often lead to the death of the discoverer. It's a shame.
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    O really? what about firts man in space? it was Russian cosmonaut (astronaut) Uriy Gagarin. and many years after this Russian science was first in world. of course, Stalin did some not good stuffs, but it life and politic. when (on Word War II) russian soldiers went in assault and dead with name of Stalin. and they was very honestly, they believed. without Stalin (his power) USSR couldn't win this war. now very popular and fashionable in Russia speaks about Stalin very-very bad, too bad!
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    It's true Russia had the first cosmonaut in space, but they ended up sabotaging their own space program in an attempt to beat America. They had prototypes developed that we're finished yet, and yet they still sent them in space, why? To beat America's launch dates. This is why the space race ultimately went to America, and why so many Russians died. It's nothing against Russia, it was just a bad idea to rush, and it's something that was learned the hard way.

    As for World War Two, Russia (and Hitler's idiocy) is one of the main reason's why the Allies won. Theres no doubt about that, they suffered get losses, and part of that was because of the break down in infrastructure. It was sad that there was a gun to every four Russian soldiers. That means out of the hundreds of thousands of troops only 25% of them did anything besides get shot. It's not a pretty thing to think about. The Russians were courageous in their fight against Hitler, it's a shame US-Russian politics went down the crapper after that.
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    It was actually the fault of the Japanese that the Germans lost WWII, not Hitler's. If Hitler had had more unhindered time to invade Britain, he would have been able to succeed in winning the war. Without Britain, The US would not have had a foothold in Europe. If the US had been delayed even a year from entering the war, Hitler would have fully secured his iron grip on the whole of Europe. But we kind of forced the Japanese to attack us...

    But to the point of this thread, I think some Americans do have very biased opinions on Russia, but most are neutral like myself. Not paying all that much attention when nothing that affects us is happening.
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    I think the general opinion on Putin is that he's leading Russia backwards. I mean no offense, but America and most European nations have already figured out how remain stable without a leader who manipulates the media, arrests opposition leaders, and otherwise maintains an iron grip on the reigns of power past term limits (even if it is legal in this case). Oh, and before someone says Bush blah blah blah... I know. He is, though, leaving office in disgrace in less than a year. You can't say that about Putin.

    I tend to be prepared to roll my eyes whenever I read about Russia in the news. From randomly withholding permission from a German plane who was trying to fly over their air space, to arresting Kasparov, to assassinating folks in the media; Russia under Putin seems to have missed the fact that this is the 21st century. Russians need to ask themselves if they just want attention from the international community, or if they want to be respected. Under Putin, they aren't getting the later.

    I think Russia is ready to be a proper liberal democracy. Russians just don't seem to have realized it yet.
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    Which is why it's so sad that Putin has resorted to anti-democratic methods to secure power. With the vast majority of Russia enamoured with him, there's no need for rigging elections, arresting dissidents, censoring the media, or any of the other strong-arm tactics he's used in recent years. His autocratic tendancies have gained him no additional domestic power, and have cost his reputation much abroad.

    Yet that importance has had very little practical benefit. Amateurish stunts like firing missiles into Georgia, poisoning Litvinenko, and repeated threats to cut off gas shipments to Europe have only served to convince the rest of the world that Russia can't be trusted. Russia's oil fields remain hugely underdeveloped because oil companies can't trust Russia to honor PSA's.
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    In my eyes, Russia is a country that wants to be powerful, influential, and a model for the world. And they are trying to do it by giving one man massive powers and have him destroy anyone who opposes him, takes over and/or subsidizes industries and businesses, and tries to bully the rest of the world. The result is a Russia that is distrusted, has an economy that is not getting developed as fast as it could, and a political arena that is more fascist than republican/democratic.

    Russia has the capacity to be a powerful economic, political, and diplomatic force on this planet. But the only way to do that is to develop respect for the rule of law, stop meddling with the economy, and allowing a completely free political system without censorship or propaganda.

    Putin is the enemy of every prideful progressive Russian.

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