American Sign Language


rainbow 11!
So is anyone studying this or are you fluent?

I am currently studying ASL.

I love it so much, I have so much fun learning. I plan to pursue it in college. :]


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I actually learned it when I was a kid and was fluent in it for the most part due to another kid I'd speak with but either we moved or he moved cuz I don't use it anymore although I probably could pick it back up fairly quickly.


rainbow 11!
You should! I love it, it would be great to be webcaming and talking by signing lol

Do you know the sentence structure? think.... three things. :p


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I have looked into it. I believe EA here also knows a bit about it from some of her past posts.

I wouldn't mind learning it but I haven't tried yet.


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I know how to curse,
call you a slut,
make come backs,
finger spell,
and say that you eat dog food.
Daayum! I am talented! Haha


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A couple of years ago I started to take an ASL class for a summer semester but then some family issues came up and I had to drop it.