American shot by Mexican pirates


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Sheriff: Body of American shot by Mexico pirates still missing – This Just In - Blogs

The drug violence is becoming worse and worse. This happened very close to where I live and I pass by this lake frequently.

Enough is enough. When is any administration going to finally do something about this? We need troops on the border and if need be, we should invade northern Mexico. The Mexican government is a corrupt impotent body that has failed not only their own people but the US an neighbors. The next time Presidente Calderon wants to address Congress because of a law in Arizona he deems to be racist he can stick it up his ass.


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While I understand what you're coming from, I don't think going to war with northern Mexico is in our best interest. We'll probably end up fighting all of Mexico. Just because we won the first time in 1848 doesn't mean we should do it again.

I don't think anyone knows what to do, and Obama's just trying to stay out out of this mess.
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Who said anything about 1848 being a reason to do it again?

Trying to stay out of this mess should be unacceptable to everyone. Violence is spilling over across the border, just hoping it all stops and staying out of this mess is a deriliction of duty.