American Music VS. Japanese Music


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American, it's nice to hear music you can understand.

Other than that obvious fact, I just can't stand how a lot of it sounds.


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Im gonna go right out left field and say neither...

I love Australian music. AC/DC are awesome!!!!

But if i had to choose, American for sure, Foo Fighters are American, its an obvious choice.


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I don't like Japanese music at all so there is no contest as far as I'm concerned.

For a start I can't understand Japanese music and that's a big reason why I listen to music, so I can get with the lyrics and understand the song. It just does nothing for me.


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I enjoy some Japanese songs but I have more exposure and therefore more favorites from American music.
Neither, as I generally prefer European bands. But to answer this, I'll go with American, as I like more bands from there, compared to Japanese.

Anyways, whats with people making threads that ask a question, but don't even bother giving an answer of their own?
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