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I don't know if any of you guys watch American Idol, but I got sucked in about halfway through this season, and I'm enjoying it. So if any of you guys watch it, tell me who you think will win.

It's down to the last 3 between Melinda, Jordin, and Blake.

Blake's audition
one of his performances

Melinda's audition
one of her performances

Jordin's audition
one of her performances

So I think Melinda's going to win. She's got an added punch to her voice that makes it more powerful. Blake should be a non-factor. It's going to be a Jordin/Melinda face-off.


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I never watched it since the first season. I only watch it from time to time when they are first audtioning because I like to see people suck at singing and cry over the fact they can not go to Hollywood. But I do watch Canadian Idol from time to time when the Newfies are deep into the comp.

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Plus Jordin's hot.
and underage :lol:

I think Blake has a a little string of bad performances since I started watching. He can't sing as well compared to Jordin and Melinda. He just has tons of fans. I would be very mad if he won. However I think he would still do better than Taylor Kicks or Ruben Studdard, just because of his beatboxing skills.


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I was shocked to see Melinda voted off last night. Not to take anything away from Blake or Jordan, but I really thought Melinda would win this year. Then again, I thought Sanjaya would have gone waaaaay before he did.



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Kelly Clarkson is like the only person I can name from the shows that I watched but to fair I only watched the complete first year and maybe once or twice since.