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American Idol


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I watched when the girls first sang for the American votes and I have to say that I think Kellie Pickler and Mandisa were the best. Mandisa has one of those voices that can make any song sound like the National Anthem.

Chris Daughtry is good as well. I don't think I've seen Elliott Yamin sing at all. Taylor Hicks has definitely got the skill. He even went in to one of the judge meetings playing a Harmonica (not just playing, but playing well).

Then there is Ace Young, who I think is getting votes from the girls because.. well... like the contestants have been saying, it's "Ace." He has the rebel look that girls like, but can also sing, so he's getting a lot of votes too.

How many more weeks are left of this? Does anybody know how it works when they start to get this low in numbers?


what? no pink?
They were saying last night that the last show was may 23rd or something like that. But definitely may 20 something :D

I'm so helpful I know ; )


Wanna play?
Although Ace is a cutie ;) I'm rootin' for Chris, I think he has one of the best voices.
As far as the girls, Mandisa for sure!!