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    What do you think will be the biggest problem in the U.S. in 2010? Why?

    In 2010 the biggest problem in the U.S. will be the health care bill and how it affects the economy. If Obama's health care bill is passed it will undoubtedly send our economy into a downward spiral. Everyone needs health care but they should have to par for it the same way that everyone else does. Or at least, they should have to pay for a portion of it.

    Currently, the economy does not have the funds necessary to supports a $900 billion dollar bill. The country is just starting to recover from the reccession. Americans have had a hard time supporting their families and paying taxes. It would not be fair to raise their taxes for a bill like this. A bill that will have many holes in it and will not be as effective as the president is saying it will be.

    The bill CANNOT work. While the president may say that illegal immigrants will not have access to it, that's impossible. If that was the case illegal immigrants would not already be receiving health care at the cost of tax payer's dollars. The people who not not deserve to benefit from this bill will. The people who have boken the law to be here will. The people who are taking away resources from the legal citizens of this country will.

    If this bill is passed, by the end of 2010 the country will figure out that they were wrong in there thoughts pertaining to it. The bill has the potential to destroy the recovering economy. With that being said, the health care bill is going to be the biggest concern for the country in 2010.

    (this was supposed to be a 2 scentence assignment but the teacher told me that he would accept it as long as I didnt go over a page...typed its 1 line away from going on to the next page:-/)

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    The United States pays much more for healthcare than nations with more sensible healthcare systems and legislation in place, and the rising cost of healthcare has put a stop to wage growth here. We can't afford not to reform the system. Furthermore, the healthcare reform being proposed would be deficit neutral, and be partially paid for via making Medicare and Medicaid more efficient, as well as new taxes on insurers that provide "very expensive" healthcare benefits. I fail to see how that's going to stave off economic recovery.

    Edit: I will also add that allowing more people access to healthcare will be a longterm economic positive, given that healthy people are productive people.
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    Because the Government is gonna stick it's dick in the economy and fuck it up like it always does. Social security is broke, medicade is broke and a government that cant even run a cash for clunkers program is somehow good and efficient enough to run 1/6th of our economy!? I mean WTF... Do you really just blindly believe anything that comes out of Obama's mouth or do you actually research?
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    I read pretty much constantly, jsyk, and politics and policy are certainly amongst my interests. So once again, nations with public options and single-payer, spend far less for their healthcare than the United States, for what is often better care; and furthermore rising healthcare costs have put a stop to wage gains in the United States. Now maybe you think the United States government is especially incompetent, whereas the governments of other nations are somehow much more able to handle these things, but that's an awful strange way of looking at things.
    Oh, and I apologize for not saying the same thing that your favorite political pundits say, but I think they're idiots.
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    Ya... the big difference between us and them is WE THE PEOPLE decide what we want, not the government. It's clearly obvious the people don't want the government controlling another aspect of their lives... but then again you may not know that as the mainstream media conveniently ignores that fact.
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    Right now the biggest problem is we have an enormous deficit due to a horrible mismanagement decisons at the federal level for many years now. We're killing our economy and we're unable to effectively compete in the global economy like we used to because of it. We need to put more decisions in the hands of the American people and quit relying on the federal government to solve our problems. We need to quit trying the failed policies of protectionism and let our companies compete with China and India. We need the confidence back in the market and hold people accountable for their actions.
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    Bingo. Many people fail to realize that this "health care reform" has NOT ONE THING to do with health care at all. It's about government's control over the people.

    BTW, good showing at the Tea Party. Glad you were able to go and be a representative of THE PEOPLE.
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    Didn't make the DC one... I did however go to one here in PA :)

    Not as big, but still powerful.
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    Americas biggest challenge in 2010 will be an external one, once the recession is over it has to regain global confidence in its markets, it has to keep the price of oil stable, which means a battle of inflation as consumers start buying and factories start operating again, the instability on the price of goods will be hard to maintain, you have to convince Taiwan/Japan/China/India to open its factories, They have to convince Russia/Australia/Brasil to open its mines. You also have to make sure Europe is buying your services to have any hope of keeping a stable economy.

    A lot of countries blame the US for the current state of their economies, the closer the relationship the harder the domino affect was. Global confidence is your next big challenge, the competition is greater now than it has ever been.
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    I think the biggest problem we will face in 2010, is basically bad leadership. We get lied to all the time, and I guess we are partly to blame because we just it it up. Like some guy hanged the phrase it will be ok over our heads and we jumped at the chance. We have a lot of greed where there shouldn't be any and you think greed is a thing that really isn't going to be stopped. Well we have billionaire tycoons that do nothing but hog money, like gluttons they feast on it at the expense of the working mans dollar, and we have people who are good for nothing and reap the benefits of not working, not paying taxes, and they get handed money that comes out of the laboring pocket. health care is one of those issues that's just a cover up issue meaning that it's being carried on to long to keep the people unaware of what is realyl going on.

    We have positions in governemt that don't need to be there. The people should not be afraid of the government. Because contrary to popular belife WE are the Government. Our country is based on Democracy yet for some that means you have to go with demorcrates. but that's the system and we are are a republic.

    I think that we just have to worry about doing the right thing. Healthcare is such a big issue and don't get me wrong it is. we have grand parents who can't afford healthcare because all the did was fight for our country and pay into SS. but we can have illegals come into our country and without doing anything our president says Oh you poor little minority here you go here is your free healthcare. We need to forget about party color, we need to look at people based on thiere character and not what they say they can do for us. Because unless we are willing to ask how we're just lambs going to the slaughter. We as a country need to focus on getting our priorites straight. This is such a great country and we have all the tools needed to combat this slump right now, we just need to do what we need to do. We have to stand united and do whats right for our country even if it means not being nice to people.

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