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Ambrose’ Push


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Simple question; does Ambrose get this type of push right now if it wasn’t for so many injuries?


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I think he still does. He's probably the most over babyface on the roster right now; the type of unanimous reaction a top guy like Roman Reigns and John Cena should have (although Roman gets some great pops in live events). And besides, his push pretty much came organically once Seth Rollins screwed The Shield 2 years ago. I personally don't believe that the current crop of injuries have changed anything. He still was the top babyface to most fans prior to those.


The return shall be legenday!
Edgehead pretty much hit the nail on this one. I think Vince as realized that he needs to push different stars, and with Ambrose popularity right now, he fills that bill. Does he get that many championship opportunities with a healthy roster? Possibly not, but he would no doubt be in the mix


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I think we should also add that the main issue is Vince's lack of patience. During the Monday Night Wars, Vince could afford to show more patience because he could keep an eye on what WCW was doing and see what they were doing wrong. And even when Vince misfired, it kinda went under the radar 'cause all eyes were mostly on WCW because they were #1 for a long stretch of time. Now, the situation is totally different as Vince has been #1 for 15 years straight with zero competition and his mistakes can no longer go undetected because he's pretty much the only game in town.

Look for instance at the reports of Vince blowing a gasket backstage on RAW last night because of the crowd's lack of reaction. It has been a major flaw in Vince ever since the end of the Monday Night Wars; he doesn't have the finger on the audience's pulse; something that both his daughter Stephanie & his son-in-law Triple H most definitely have. You can almost pretty much tell whenever an act gains traction on TV if it's the work of Trips & Steph or Vince. Although eventually Vince warms up to some of Triple H's pet projects (see KO, Sami Zayn, Sasha Banks and Finn Balor down in NXT), it's not really hard to see the difference of visions between both Triple H's & Vince's depending on the segments. I'm however curious to know how Vince realized that Dean Ambrose could be that guy deserving of his current push. I honestly am not convinced that this was something that Vince thought himself. This had to either be Triple H or one of the head writers not named Kevin Dunn.