Amazoness Swords Women Saturday May, 13th 2006

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Sorry but I can't find a picture of her any where so I'll write down her stats.

The opponent takes all Battle Damage to this this card's controller that he/she would take from a battle involving this card.

Once again I'm sorry that I could not put a picture up. I couldn't find one.

1) Earth
2) ****
3) Warrior
4) Burn effect
5) Has themed cards to go with it

1) Earth (may clash with your deck theme depending on what it is)
2) Being a warrior can be good, but if any anti warrior cards hit the field then it's a gg.
3) It's burn effect isn't that great.
4) Being a lv4 monster can hurt it if you are playing against a burn/stall deck.

She seems to have more pros than con. If you really feel the need to use her than go ahead. It may or may not be a good peace of tech in your average deck. In an amazoness deck she is a must.

Traditional: 1.5/5 (more burn here)
Advanced: 1/5
Amazoness deck 5/5
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