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Amazon Purchases (Repeat or One-Off)


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So I enjoy shopping on Amazon myself personally, I've worked for the company at the warehouse and had to use the site numerous times when doing insurance claim evaluations. I've been able to find some interesting buys and been happy with a lot of purchases I've made. So thought to share and see what everyone else has ordered that they truly enjoyed once or more than once.

For myself, these shirts have always fitted me quite well (before the COVID ruined gym-time for me), but they're form fitting and rather simple for t-shirts. Medium size fits me fine personally, but some people have gone up a size to have the material fit. No problems here but consider it if you plan to buy:
Comfy Shirts !

I've ordered this battery charger brick back in 2016, and honestly I still use it to this day. I keep it at work to charge my phone during my shift. I would HIGHLY recommend this for anyone. It's lasted this long without any problems, so a win-win in my books:
Jackery Charger

David Archy use to be a low budget brand (once again, started buying in 2016), but now they've exploded and have made more undergarments and clothing. The price has slightly risen, but let me tell you, these briefs are SUPER comfy! Bamboo fiber for the win!:
David Archy

Those are just some I thought I would share.

If y'all have any recommendations, I'd love to see and browse for sure...and hopefully not kill m



Son of Liberty
I have a portable charger that I have that can also run on solar power, but I looked up your Jackery charger and I may get one. I also see they have potable power station. As expensive as $499 and as cheap as $93 depending on the power. That looks like a great thing to have. I may get one. Thanks for the reference.

I mostly order books, but I also recently ordered some Midland-LXT630VP3 long range walkie talkies. They’re pretty cool, and if you are in a need for something like that, I recommend them. Out in the country they will work as far as 36 miles or so. In the city, around 10 miles or so.


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Some new solar lights for the gardens that are seeing a lot of COVID time attention. A replacement bird feeder for the ones the deer actually destroyed. I think somebody must have caught their antlers. Never seen this sort of thing in our 20 years by the creek.


Free Spirit
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I got started ordering from amazon when my husband became sick, easier for him to shop for things he wanted, and kept it up after I did. Easier on me to shop from the recliner than walk around stores, or these days a motorized shopping cart. I've ordered a big variety of things from them. Anywhere from a 65 inch TV, stand to sit it on, to night gowns and house shoes.