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Amazing Star Spangled Banner Performance.


Well-Known Member
I think that I've come to realize that the Star Spangled banner is done so often that it's really easy to tell if a group is good or not. Either way tell me what you think of this, believe me it's well worth watching.

YouTube - "The Star-Spangled Banner" ...Like You've Never Heard It Before!

Just to put this into perspective... The girl on the left is 8, the two in the middle are 7, and the two on the right are 6.

Now that's impressive! Hardly anybody has such an ear for singing at such a young age!


Lion Rampant
Amateur renditions of the national anthem can either piss me off or bring a tear to my eye. That one was pretty darn sweet.


Well-Known Member
Yeah it really surprised me. It's very rare that you find such talent, especially in such young kids.

I've done several renditions of the national anthem, my favorites are between a Jazz rendition that we did or a Barber Shop style version that we did, it's the same song with different (yet similar) chords.


Haters gonna hate.
I wonder how much their parents pushed them to do this.... lol.

It was a great rendition and all, but I do prefer Hendrix as well.