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Movies Amazing Spiderman 2


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I did a quick look but couldn't find that this thread was made already so if I missed it like an idiot please report this and we'll merge them.

Anyway, anybody seen this movie yet? Spoilers are below...

I liked it a lot but it seemed like too many villains were in the film. I say that and then I'm going to bitch aobut how Rhino was barely in it haha...but wtf, he was barely in it. He'd better be in the 3rd one.

I thought it took way too long for Harry to transform into the Green Gobblin but I thought Jamie Foxx as Electro was amazing.

Overall it was really good and a lot of action. I don't read the comics so I didn't know Gwen was going to die at the end. That was kind of a downer haha