Amazing Play


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This play is just amazing. If every football game was like this; I would by a season ticket for sure. And I'm no football fan either, but this is just amazing. It's like god himself is on this team.

"Good gosh almighty, I don't believe it!!"


Hell of a comeback. Ha.

If God was on that first team, they would've won 35-0. Haha.


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I like the one I have. It's really awesome. They throw the all back like 50 times. It's actually entertaining. Don't take this personally, but I'm not a football person. I only like it when I know someone on the team or I'm there to watch the bands.


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Yeah, it wasn't even an NFL play. It was a Division 3 college game. Good play though.

and that come back, I loved that. It sucks though they came back all that way for nothing. I use to watch that everyday.