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Amazing Hard Trance Visuals


Registered Member
That's one awesome way to open a set! :D And those visuals are totally cool! We could use you in the Techno and Dance Music thread. I'll be checking that DJ out some more 4 sure. :nod: Thanx for sharing.


Well-Known Member
Omg, that is crazy. Possibly the only way to make that better would be to have those squares around him filled with speakers. Imagine the bass kick that would have...


Registered Member
My friend was there -I can't quite figure out if I would have been able to handle it, it probably would have melted my face off and induced a bass-related seizure... :)


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
That was pretty crazy. It would be amazing to be at that show, I love the beats, especially the one at the beginning of the set. The light show was pretty intense too. Thanks for posting bud.