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Amazing Goal in the Worlds


Hopeless musician
Oh man, watching that goal brings back some bad memories. As a goalie, I got scored on a couple times with those lacrosse goals. They always used to piss me off. However, that particular lacrosse goal has got to be the sickest I've ever seen. You gotta have guts to do that in such a high profile game. Those kinds of goals might be sick, but they don't amaze me as much as that sick backhander that Datsyuk pulled off last night. Now that was sick, and with a bum wrist no less!


Registered Member
i don't think it was all that great, the kid in harvard was better a few years ago...he actually puts his blade flat on the puck and picks it up not just sliding the blade under the puck. still a nice goal but not as nice as everyone is saying
correction kid was from michigan state

YouTube - Best college hockey goal ever
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Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Sorry Brandon, but if you don't think that goal is nice or anything special there is something wrong with you.

Les, that Pavel backhand was sick, I can't believe he put that top shelf. The guy is amazing when he has a puck on his stick.