Amazing Audio Books


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I got hooked on audio books when my youngest was little. We took a lot of trips in the car and on long drives, books on tapes work very well keeping her occupied.
(also, I hand my kids a stack of quarters when we left the house and took one back every time they asked "Are we there yet?")

As it turned out, a lot of the kids books are very well done. Lynn Reid Banks, who wrote "the Indian in the Cupboard" is a natural born story teller. So is the fellow who reads the Harry Potter books, Jim Dale. Anything they do is wonderful.

Really good audio books I have enjoyed:

Ready Player One
Everything Tim Dorsey does - his stories of Florida are great. The Serge Storms stuff cracks me up, despite being about a serial killer.
Heart Shaped Box
The BBC radio production of the Hobbit
I Claudius & Claudius the God
Harry the Poisonous Centipede (Lynn Reid Banks)

I'll look at my list later and post more. Please let me know any audio books you enjoyed.