Amare: "They Have To Trust My Word"

Discussion in 'NBA' started by Babe_Ruth, Oct 28, 2006.

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    Arizona Republic - Amare Stoudemire met with Robert Sarver and Mike D'Antoni on Friday and they came out of the meeting with the air cleared.

    "We've pretty much got a good understanding," said Stoudemire, who planned to return today for treatment on the team's off day. "That's pretty much a done deal."

    He said his Thursday statement came out bolder than intended.

    "He doesn't feel that way and the organization doesn't feel that way," Sarver said as to whether the Suns doubt Stoudemire's ability to return. "He didn't voice that concern to me.

    "From my standpoint, it's just that he's progressing in the right direction. The good news is he's just one piece of our team and the other pieces are very good. He complements us, but the team isn't depending on him for success."

    "They have to understand that I'm totally honest with the way I feel and what I report to them," said Stoudemire, whose manager. "If I feel pain, it's just the fact that they have to trust my word."

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    It's harsh, but Amare has to push through this and find out whether he can play or not with the pain, there will be big games in the future and he can't be sitting out if it can be avoided, even the practices are critical for him to get back his conditioning and get in sync with his teammates.
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    Last season the Suns showed that they can win without him, but I think they need him to be healty and averaging is 20-10 for them to take the next step which is going to the NBA Finals. I think he's going to be fine this season, he might not be dominant at first but by the end of the season he's going to be is old self.

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