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Am i going to bed too early?


New Member
Hey, i was 13 yesterday :) And i go to bed at 9pm, Personally i think this is to early, Most of my friends goto bed at 11pm or when ever they wont, im the only person in my school who goes to bed that early, even my 2yr old sister stays up later than me!! Are my parents over protected?


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Sounds like a reasonable time for someone your age. I think when I was that age I had a similar bed time. Anyway, don't teenagers need about 10-12 hours sleep a night, and with school the next morning a bed time of 9pm ensures you get those required hours.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I went to bed at 9PM until I was around your age so no, I don't think it's too early. What's wrong with getting more sleep? Sleep is good for you.

What you don't wanna do is start staying up later and later because then you'll end up like me and can't go to bed before midnight unless i pass out.


Haters gonna hate.
Not at all. Some night here at college I go to bed as early as 9:30 due to early classes the next day. You may see others around you staying up, but your 'bedtime' will only benefit you.


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My granddaughter will soon be 12 and I make her go to bed every weekday night at precisely 9 p.m.
Your parents are doing good.


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Sleep is important. There's nothing wrong with going to bed around 9. Your parents are doing you a favor.


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It sounds early to me, personally. The kids I sometimes babysit go to bed at 8:30/9pm and they are 5/6 years old. And I'm sure my bed time was a fair bit later when I was your age.

But what does it matter lol? Sleep is good! Are you trying to convince your parents to let you stay up later?


I'm serious
I agree with the others that 9pm is a decent time for your age and even a little older still. You need your rest and you have plenty time in the future where you will get to stay up as late as you want. Like Millz says, these times now could also shape your sleeping pattern for future. I can only sleep 6 hours a night, regardless of how tired I might feel or what time I went to bed. :shake:


still nobody's bitch
That depends on what time you get up in the morning. Someone your age needs about 10 hours of sleep every night. Why do you want to stay up later, what do you feel you're missing out on?


Hell, It's about time!
Everyone has different sleeping needs. There are nights I am in bed by 8pm. Some people don't require as much sleep. When they tell me I am a wuss for going to bed early, I just say it doesn't change the fact that I need more sleep then most.