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Am I eating too little?


New Member
I recently lost 50 pounds over the past 4 months. I went from 185 to 135-ish. I'm male, 15 and 5' 8.5in. Anyway, other than the running I do every day, I owe much of my weight loss to my new healthy diet. For breakfast during the week I usually eat a 160 calorie breakfast bar and a water bottle, for lunch a sandwich around 450 calories and a water, and for dinner usually some kind of meat (steak) or chicken with vegetables or a soup. This is just my general eating habits. I also eat yogurt with granola as a snack and for dessert I have an italian ice. My grand total of calories never seems to hit 1800, usually it is about 1500. I feel fine and nothing seems to be wrong with me. However, my mom thinks that I am anorexic and is concerned with my health. My question is, should she be concerned? I also run 3 miles a day at an average time of 27 minutes if that matters


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Well the answer to your question can only really be answered by what your percent body fat is.

It's usually unhealthy to go below 4 or 5 percent unless you have some pretty serious muscle going.

The average american is at 15 I believe.

Everybody is different, I don't think that 1500 calories is too little, you might want to up your calories by just a bit though if you're running too.


Epic Gamer
I'm not sure, really. I think the only person who can tell that is you. Do you feel unhealthy? Do you satisfy your hunger and appetite?

I sometimes go a day and a half with no food at all, but I don't feel unhealthy. Sometimes I just don't feel hungry, and sometimes I want to eat and eat. It's really subjective to how you feel about it. :dunno:


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50 lbs in 4 months is enough weight loss to be concerned. See a doctor. It isn't healthy.


New Member
I phrased the question wrong, the majority of the 50 lbs was in 4 months, I'd say about 35 pounds. I had been trying to lose weight for 6 months before, the weight really started to to come off when I started to run every day.


living on the border

Well for 15 1800 calories isnt that bad. You should maybe up it to atleast 2000 if you are running though.

Unless you are actually still trying to lose weight you should up your breakfast a little. When I was in treatment I was given a meal plan that was supposed to help me maintain my weight. It worked pretty well, I cant find it right now, but I will post it when I do.


New Member
thanks, I am not trying to lose anymore weight. The reason my breakfast is so small is because I have to eat on the go to catch my bus every morning. On the weekends I usually eat a full breakfast or atleast hot pockets


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I'm pretty sure you need to eat more. You're the same height I am, but weigh about 40 lbs less than I do (and according to the US Army standards, I'm not overweight, although I am near the top of where my weight should be for my height). You're also at an age where your body needs more food because you're growing. Add in the fact that you're doing a lot of cardiovascular exercise, and I would be very surprised if you're eating enough.


still nobody's bitch
No, that is definitely not enough calories for someone your age and build. Please listen to me, I have taken many health and nutrition classes. Someone of your age, height, and weight - and gender - should be consuming a minimum of 2000 calories a day just to maintain metabolic rates. It's no wonder you've lost so much weight, your body needs more fuel.

You definitely should be eating more.


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At your age you really shouldn't be considering diets, like Jeanie has stated you're at the prime of your growing stage with body changed and hormones. Eat as much as you want or until you know you're body has had enough. Running is a good form of Cardio, tones the body and gives you more energy with extensive activities.

But a diet...? Come on bud, you're 15 years of age, eat up!