Am I a sociopath?

Discussion in 'Religion & Philosophy' started by Lessor20, Jan 28, 2010.

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    1. I love my mother. I appreciate everything she had done for me, and have weakness for her.

    2. I am in love with a girl. I have weakness for her.

    3. The rest of the world could die, and be not much more than an inconveinance.

    4. I sometimes with someone would break into my house so that I could have an excuse to stab them. Not shoot them. Shooting someone seems so informal, easy, uncontrollable. For some reason, I WANT to feel a sharp knife go into someone's flesh. I want to feel their life leave their body.

    5. I sometimes wish people would die. For example. Say I was working with someone, and I wanted to go home. I would secretly wish to myself that they would get in a car accident or something so that I could go home early.

    6. I am not afraid of death. I sometimes drive my car as fast as I can simply because I don't care if I get killed. Luckily, the chip maxes it out at 120. I've flipped my last vehicle twice, and then it blew up. I got out safely without a scratch.

    7. I have everything I want materialisticly. I have money, and there is nothing I want to buy, maybe a house but that is after college. My point is though, that I am not happy with materialistic things. I want power.

    8. The only thing I want in life is to have power. I want to rule my world. I don't care if it's for the good, or the bad. "Though I would obviously prefer good".

    9. I have an IQ of 126. I scored and 82 on the ASVAB, and I am in college now. I do a lot of self reflection. I understand that I would never kill anyone illegally unless I was SURE I would not get caught. I understand that humans have a self-preservation instinct that keeps us from doing wrong due to the fact that we rationalize, in our mind, that the gratification of doing wrong, is not worth the result.

    10. I am fairly good looking, and very good at making people I hate like me. I can make someone my "friend", and after I have gotten what I want, never speak to them again.

    11. I do not mind making someone happy, or cheering them up. I will gladly let someone cut me in line, or borrow my pen. Everyone thinks that I am very polite, and courteous.

    12. I am a bit narccistic, and think to myself when I am in class "one day this teacher will be able to brag to her friends that she taught me".

    All this being said, what am I? Am I a socipath? The Antichrist?

    I do a LOT of self reflection, and I cannot figure out who I am. Is this normal? Is everyone secretly like me?

    Any Psycologists who can explain this?

  2. Jeanie

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    Yes, you do sound like you fit the diagnostic criteria for Antisocial Personality Disorder (sociopathy).

    does this bother you?
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    You may not mind too much, but it'd be really inconvenient. Think about all the things that other people in your life do that you don't necessarily notice.
  4. Lessor20

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    I understand that, if I were bothered by this, I would not be a sociopath. Never-the-less, I actually would prefer to be a sociopath. I think some people tend to react impulsively on emotion- without thinking. This is obviously not the best way to make decisions, and I think a sociopath would make better dicisions based on logic.

    Taking this into consideration, I do find myself wanting to react impulsively. For example, after a bad day at work, I may drive my car home extremly fast- not careing if I die, or if I find my idiotic brother did something to further screw up his future, my impulsive, emotional side, says to punch him in the face. This is obviously not logic, and obviously the result of some kind of emotion, which, if true, would prove that I am not a sociopath- if my definition of sociopath is accurate.
  5. Lessor20

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    As long as I had my girl, I may enjoy it.

    Let's not derail this thread on a tangent though.
  6. Jeanie

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    Look up Antisocial Personality Disorder on wikipedia. It lists the diagnostic criteria of the American Psychiatric Association. If you meet most of those criteria, then you probably are a sociopath.

    while you're there, look up narcissist and asshole.
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    I'm clearly not an asshole. I'm pretty sure that very few people that I have known in my life would cal lme an asshole. I am very good at being passive, assertive, and getting people to like me. My bosses always love me. I get to do what I want, and special privalges because I am a friend before a co-worker. The kids at my college.. They would say either that they have seen me around, and that I seem nice, or they they have never spoken with me. My family would say I am respectful, educated, goal-oriented, and on the road to a good future.

    Noone would say I am an asshole. I don't intentionally go out of my way to hurt someone. Though killing does seem nice, I wouldn't do it out of hatred, I wouldn't do it in a way that extends the pain they feel. I would do it simply for the power I feel in that moment. It is my belief that you can get far more from someone by befriending them, than you can by simply being rude or impolite to them. Also, when you get what you want, you do not have to completely ditch them. Though that would be conveinant, it would not be wise. It would not be a good idea to build up a bad reputation.
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    I'd find this more intersting if I knew how old you are.
  9. Lessor20

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    I'm 20 years old...................................................
  10. Altanzitarron

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    Only 1 year younger than me. Interesting.



    sadly quite normal, it's detachment. Millions of people can watch adverts about people starving to death in Africa and feel nothing. They only care when people they love stand to suffer. Overall this is just an immature view of the world, usually an idea of some overly romantic teen. "Nothing else matters except you my love."

    This one alone could have been enough justification for the question of this thread. However you still need them to break in, you need a reason. That's not exactly sociopathic and I think you're exaggerating for dramatic effect.

    Extreme Narcissism but nothing unique.

    There are easier ways to kill yourself. Next time try pills, it'll take the "chance" out of it.

    Lots of people want power.

    God complexes aren't rare and don't always equate to being sociopath.

    Most sociopaths would not be able to control the "urge" regardless of the certainty of not getting caught.

    Theres nothing sociopathic about being a user.

    Me too.

    Yes you are a narcissist.

    The antichrist? seriously? You wish, that's the narcisism again.

    Most people don't know who they are, you just have to deal with it. Labels don't do anyone any good.
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