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Aly And Aj???


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Ok first of all... i know im male and probably shouldnt like em, but i do. anyone else even heard of em???


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Following two No. 1 Radio Disney songs, “No One” from the “Ice Princess” film soundtrack and “Do You Believe In Magic”, (the single for which has sold over 50,000 copies), sister duo Aly & AJ will release their debut project, INTO THE RUSH, to the general market August 16th and to the CBA market October 4th on Hollywood Records.

Having developed a strong passion for music at very young ages and playing the piano since they were six years old, Aly & AJ now 16 and 14, compose most of their songs on their guitars. The energy and spirit the sisters bring to their music colors the entire album, for which they have written or co-written all of the songs. Though they may be young teens, when it comes to writing songs, they aim high. “We want our songs to be fun, but we also want to write about deeper issues that make people think and issues that we can all relate to in one way or another,” says AJ.

Aly & AJ’s song "I Am One of Them" tackles the tough subject of child kidnappings. They want to bring awareness by encouraging kids to look out for one another and use precautions and safety measures to empower them. AJ contributed a track called "Protecting Me," a song featured in a Disney Channel "Phil of the Future" episode, which addresses the vulnerable nature of being a kid today. Says Aly: "We want to let kids know they have the power to protect themselves and one another." Aly & AJ have also written songs that address the issues of relationships, heartaches, staying true to yourself and celebrating your own uniqueness.”

Today, Aly co-stars in the hit Disney Channel series "Phil of the Future” and AJ has had recurring and guest-star roles in many major network shows including "Six Feet Under," "Oliver Beene", “Birds of Prey”, "The Guardian," and "General Hospital."

The signature track from the original Disney Channel movie "Now You See It," (starring Aly), is the remake of the 60’s classic “Do You Believe In Magic,” which became the No.1 most requested song on Radio Disney. The song also reached No. 2 on the Billboard Single Charts.

In addition to becoming the No.1 most requested song on Radio Disney, a hit on Yahoo Music!, and a featured song on ABC’s hit show, “Alias”, their follow-up single “No One” was featured throughout the opening scene and introductory credits of the movie “Ice Princess,” starring Kim Cattrall and Joan Cusack.

Currently riding high off the success of their current single “Walking On Sunshine” from the Herbie Fully Loaded soundtrack, Aly & AJ have received over 600 total music video spins on The Disney Channel. The video for “Walking On Sunshine” is also receiving exposure on both AOL and Yahoo!

Along with a taped live performance set to air in over 50 Regal movie theaters across the country, look for features on Aly & AJ in Tiger Beat, Twist, Music Express, Bop, Sweet Sixteen and more, as well as performances scheduled in various mall music retail shops mid-August in New York, Chicago, Minneapolis, and Los Angeles.


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Aly and AJ (born Alyson Renae Michalka (Aly) and Amanda Joy Michalka (AJ)) are American actresses and singer-songwriters They are born and reside in Torrance, California. Aly was born on May 25, 1989 and AJ on April 10, 1991. Both are actresses. Aly is best known for her role on Phil of the Future as Keely Teslow. AJ has appeared on many network TV shows.

Aly and AJ have had a passion for music since very early ages. "I think it started when we were three and five. Just singing in church together and in school plays," quotes Aly in an interview that was part of the aired Aly and AJ concert. Both Aly and AJ started out singing in church and in school. That later moved onto just AJ as Aly started to acting very early, AJ at 9 years old (2000). Today, Aly and AJ consider themselves "the first set of twins to be born three years apart," quote AJ. They have developed a much stronger bond as they have become older.


Acting Careers

Alyson's Acting Career

Alyson co-stars in the hit Disney Channel series, Phil of the Future. Portraying "Keely Teslow," lead female and best friend of "Phil." Aly has recorded the song, "Protecting Me," written by sister AJ, which was used in an episode. She was also the lead in the Disney Channel original movie Now You See It (2005), playing Alyson Miller.

A.J.'s Acting Career

AJ has been seen regularly over the past two seasons on the CBS drama The Guardian, playing Dabney Coleman's foster daughter. Other TV credits include a two-season recurring role on the Fox-TV comedy Oliver Beene, and roles on the acclaimed HBO drama, Six Feet Under and WB's Birds of Prey. Soap opera enthusiasts will also recognize her as “Ashley B.” on the longtime show, General Hospital.



The Aly and AJ Concert took place on July 24th, 2005 at the Henry Fonda theater located in Hollywood, California. The aired concert was cut to 5 songs and interviews (filmed October 15 and October 16, 2005). The concert included songs from their album, Into the Rush, which includes original songs they wrote together or separately. The concert included Rush, Collapsed, No One, Do You Believe in Magic, and Something More.


Aly and AJ will be on a Holiday Tour with The Cheetah Girls in December, 2005.

Albums and Singles

Do You Believe In Magic Single (2005)
Into the Rush US#36 (2005)

Aly and AJ have released many songs for different movies and such as part of their contract with Disney. No One was a song that was featured in the Disney motion picture Ice Princess. Their hit song, Do You Believe In Magic, originally written by The Lovin' Spoonful, was a remake and added a rock a edge. Also, their remake of Walking on Sunshine became known as is it was played in Disney motion picture: Herbie: Fully Loaded. They have been involved in various Walt Disney Records projects, some of which are covers. These include soundtracks and compilations and are primarily marketed at pre-teens and tweens. Here are some of thier original songs:

"Jingle Bell Rock" (Radio Disney Jingle Jams)
"Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah" (Disneymania 3)
"No One" (Ice Princess soundtrack, Into the Rush)
"Rush" (Disney Girlz Rock, Into the Rush)
Here are their two covers:

"Do You Believe In Magic?" (CD single, Into the Rush)
"Walking on Sunshine" (Herbie: Fully Loaded soundtrack, Into the Rush)

Quick Aly and AJ Facts

Aly's birthday is March 25, 1989.
Aly is currently 5'6"
AJ is current 5'5"
When Aly was in the 4th grade, she won a drawing contest and her drawing was featured on a Hallmark card.
Aly and AJ play both the piano and acoustic & electric guitar well.
Aly had just finished filming for the Disney film Dairy Girls.
Aly used to have braces. Phil of the Future was the first role she auditioned for after she got her braces off and she got the part!
The cross necklaces Aly and AJ wear a lot were made in the 1800's