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Alternative to VPN


Registered Member
I have an application that needs secure data transfer to and from a server, but the application resides on machines that are wirelessly networked. I had all sorts of problems setting up multi-point VPNs (between the application machine and the wireless routers, and between the routers and my server farm).

Then I ran across the idea of SSL Tunneling. Basically, you build a local proxy service that tunnels to the SSL server, similarly to what an https request would do in a browser.

There's an open source project out there called stunnel, and it seems to work great (at least on Mac OSX, which is all I have tested it on). It gives me a nice, secure link to my server, without having to configure certain traffic to only go through a VPN, etc.

So far, I am highly recommending it for this type of deployment. Now I got lots of testing to do ;)