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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by PhoenixOverdrive, Sep 16, 2010.

  1. PhoenixOverdrive

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    A few years back, I had people constantly harassing me through my phone, email, etc. It got serious and I called the police about it. They pretty much laughed in my face and that was it.

    Two years ago, I was being seriously threatened at random hours of the day and night by my psychotic landlady who had a key to my door. She would just bust into the apartment, yell at me, wave a knife at me, etc, for absolutely no reason. I couldn't sleep or work. I set up a simple device to warn me when the door was opening so I would be woken up, and I bunkered myself in the bedroom ready to fight back with a stool. I called the police, once during an incident. They told me unless she was physically attacking me at that moment they didn't give a fuck. Like I'm going to call 911 while she shanks me.

    Tonight at 2am, someone in an apartment above played music loud enough to shake our entire floor. I went and banged on their door and told them to turn it down. I almost got buzzed from the HEAVY pot smell coming from their doorway. Two minutes later they went ape-shit and ran in the corridors thumping on people's doors yelling threats. I called the cops. By that time they were prowling the corridors talking loudly about figuring out "where the fucker is".

    By the time the police arrived they were back in their apartment shaking the floors. The police knocked for more than five minutes before I even heard any sort of conversation. Plenty of time to hide the drugs and cover the smell. I called back using the local number this time, and they told me that 'nothing out of the ordinary' had happened. "Oh yeah, we checked it out. Everything was normal."

    Now I know they're going to find our apartment. I know they're going to try to beat the shit out of me next time they see my face. Thing is, I can't count on the fucking cops to do even the most basic function. I also know for a fact that if I try to defend myself anywhere outside this apartment, I'm the one they'll be after. It's really fucked up.

    I'd love to hear from anyone who's had similar experiences. I don't want to wait until they cut pieces of me off or worse until I can sue the department. I want a way to either get the cops to respond and do their fucking job, or a way to settle things otherwise. Anything legal would be great.

    If there are lawyers or law-oriented people out there, I live in Quebec, Canada.
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  2. Wade8813

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    I don't know what Canada's laws are, but around here we have "Castle laws", so we can defend ourselves if our property is being broken into, and we have reason to suspect harm to ourselves. Maybe find out if you have anything like that?

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  3. PhoenixOverdrive

    PhoenixOverdrive Registered Member

    We definitely have something to that effect. If they try to break into the apartment I'm definitely using full force. Problem is they've outlawed pretty much every non-lethal defensive weapon (low-voltage taser, mace) for some god-forsaken reason. Guns aren't prevalent around here, but all sorts of lethal weapons are available. Hell, they can even come in with a broadsword if they'd like.

    I'm more concerned about the fact that I can't count on the one organization assigned to this sort of crap to take action. It's definitely a dangerous situation, and I'm trying to figure my options out.

    Thanks for the quick reply, though. I appreciate that.
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  4. Tucker

    Tucker Lion Rampant

    I'm having real difficulty accepting your premise of evil/bungling police and of violent potheads roving through your building to assault you just for asking them to keep their noise down. If you don't mind such a personal question as this, have you had psychiatric problems in the past?
  5. Hiei

    Hiei The Hierophant

    Why don't you move? If the problem is really that serious and no one is doing anything about it, why don't you just get yourself out of the situation?

    I'm with Tucker, too. I'm finding it hard to believe that the potheads are acting like tweakers running through the hallways and screaming at people. That's typically done by people that are on uppers like any kind of tweak (cocaine, meth, speed, etc).

    Also, have you tried to actually talk to these people in a civilized manner at any point? Surely you have to deal with your landlady more than just when she randomly breaks into your apartment. And you probably run into the stoners blasting music at some point, too, don't you?
    Also, if you can't get a gun, I'd suggest getting a telescopic police style steel baton. You'd be surprised how easily you can subdue someone if you smack them in the shins with this thing.

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  6. SmilinSilhouette

    SmilinSilhouette Registered Member

    When seconds count, police are only minutes away!

    But seriously, what do you expect cops to do about noise?

    I wonder how you asked them to turn it down? Was it like, "excuse me for bothering you but I have to get up early tomorrow could you please turn your music down, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks alot". Or was it like "turn down your fucking music asshole"
    I've had neighbors that when asked nicely would turn it down and others that would say fuck off and slam the door.
    The second type would get some early morning (7, 8 am until noon) reciprocation of thoughtfulness after their late nights.
  7. CaptainObvious

    CaptainObvious Son of Liberty V.I.P.

    You took the words out of my mouth, I was thinking the exact same thing. I have never heard or read of anything even remotely similar to this and have a hard time believing the police "wouldn't give a fuck" if you report some lady just opening your door and waving a knife around.
  8. LifeinthePond

    LifeinthePond Mark ov teh Pond

    Yeah, it seems very unlikely that a gang of thugs would parade around an apartment complex, banging on doors looking for "that fucker." Were you the only one complaining about the noise?

    Surely someone else would complain too. Well, that being said a healthy alternative would be to make contact with your neighbours and find out who else shares your distaste for that member. With enough calls and complaints, the police can't ignore it. I hardly doubt that everyone at your local police station is an evil heartless bastard and will shrug off and ignore your complaints. It's too far-fetched to think a landlady, would barge into homes, knife waving and all. She's competent enough to keep/run the building, I don't see why she'd risk throwing that away on you.

    You didn't pay your rent on time, and I don't like your haircut!
  9. PhoenixOverdrive

    PhoenixOverdrive Registered Member

    My girlfriend and I were pretty much scared shitless, and we were just as, and I suspect even more, surprised than you and the next posters down. I simply found the source of the music, knocked on their door gently, and asked them in the most civilized way to keep it down as people are trying to sleep. They gave me this "Why the hell are you messing with our microverse?" look, and I simply asked "Will you just turn it down please? It would be appreciated". As I got no response, I didn't press and simply walked away.

    I didn't expect a manhunt and all that rambling to go down. I didn't say or do anything that could be misconstrued in any way as being offensive or threatening. I've been dealing with people on an empathic level my whole life, and definitely known for it. I'm also known to anyone who has been around me for any length of time as the most level-headed person they know.

    It's funny you should mention psychiatric illness, as I've been studying those for as long as I remember having heard of 'psychology'. I'm now going into the business of curing them. In a single session, no less. I've also consulted an experienced psychologist and he's found nothing wrong with me despite all the prodding. So the short answer is 'no'.

    I also have no idea why no one else reacts to the noise levels. I could hear the guy in the apartment right above ours stomping around, complaining and being generally pissed off, and we ran into him today and confirmed. We're not hallucinating the whole incident. Even I had a hard time believing it when they started going crazy, but they definitely were.

    So as surreal as this situation seems, the facts are as they are. Treat it as a theoretical, extreme situation if you want to; it's not affecting you so why shouldn't you? But instead of questioning my sanity, I'd like some constructive ideas.

    Thank you Hiei, but I don't want to start breaking kneecaps out of sheer adrenalin-driven fear. Besides, I can take care of myself in the pugilistic department. The police here really is as crappy as I'm reporting, or have been in my experience anyway. I don't have anything closely resembling a criminal record.

    My old landlady was an example of how little they do for the individual good. Had I a shiny Ph.D, I could have had her interned for having most symptoms associated with most evident forms of psychosis. This being said, I really feel for her family. But she's not the point.

    This is a serious situation, My girlfriend and I, our pets and our possessions, are all in danger. I didn't start this thread as a rant or debate nor did I want this sort of blazé third-party scrutiny. I'm asking for help in the form of practical and thoughtful advice.

    If none of you can help or believe, then don't bother.
  10. Daemonic

    Daemonic Registered Member

    Eh, my short and simple response to this here is a perfect example of why I didn't call the police when I was being victimized by a gang. It is not something I like to talk about so to keep it short I knew chances are better if I try and get out myself and keep the cops out of it. This situation went on for a couple weeks.

    I got out by luck, lost over a thousand dollars, and never reported it because everything I know about gangs tells me if you report you end up dead.

    Cops can be dumb.

    Btw, just to show they were serious one of my neighbors committed "suicide". Thing is, I live with knowing it was almost certainly not suicide because they used his death in a threatening way against me...

    So yea, cops are stupid.
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