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Discussion in 'Science & History' started by troubl3dmind, Aug 19, 2008.

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    Did you guys know that the patents for electric cars are held by the oil companies?

    In political science today we were talking about the problems this nation is facing and the biggest one was basically war and in effect the economy. The solution we came up with was to sue the oil companies for having a monopoly on energy.

    I didn't know this until today, and it made me want to set oil fields on fire when I heard it (not literally). What do you guys think?

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    Well Electrical cars don't seem to appeal to me for one reason, so allow me to state it.

    Sure the car may not give off exhaust but the powerplant does and if you charge your car then it takes up more energy thus creating an equal amount of pollution and costing more to pay for the energy required to run the car.

    I have a second reason that i forgot until right now.

    How do you charge your car when you aren't at home? There's no place at say a hotel to charge a car.

    but i do think that electric cars are a good idea.

    Sort of surprising that Oil companies own the patents.
  3. Kazmarov

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    Well, the oil companies don't have a literal monopoly. However, because of the hefty subsidies provided by the US government to them, but not alternative sources in equivalent amounts, the market to energy is relatively closed.

    The cheap man's way to open up energy is to totally end oil subsidies, which would be in a way giving subsidies to alternatives to oil.


    The whole point of electric cars is that they operate in green conditions. Just like how hydrogen made from electrolysis fueled by coal, or corn ethanol made inefficiently aren't 'green' or free from fossil fuels, you assume that things like electric cars will be part of a larger energy transformation.

    Also, your comparison is deeply flawed. You can sequester carbon from power plants. You can't sequester carbon from cars. Thus even with non-alternative power plants, electric cars are beneficial.
    Dude, how do you charge your car at home? Electric cars take traditional outlets. Most city parking garages have spaces for electric vehicles with normal outlets. It's a pretty simple retrofitting process that's ludicrously cheap.

    Even with today's batteries, unless you have to drive more than 50 miles continuously, electric cars never run into problems with charging.

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