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Alternate iPod Managers


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I own an iPod 4th generation, running iOS 5, and I'm looking for an alternate iPod manager to iTunes. I usually use foo_dop for Foobar2000, but that didn't update compatibility with iOS 5. My priorities are being able to convert from FLAC to MP3 or AAC, easily editing tags (especially album art with my own files), and organization by Album Artist (for compilation albums). I've tried out a couple different options (Amarok, CopyTrans Manager, gtkpod), but none of them have a clean UI or are particularly useful for my above requirements. Any suggestions?


Hell, It's about time!
I dumped my iPhone because of that archaic program. Thread here.

Regardless here are the best 5 programs which I have heard of. Songbird being the best and if I'm not mistaken it offers what you are looking for. I gave it a shot before I switched to my HTC Inspire.

Hope this helps!
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