Alternate History: USSA


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No, not the United Soviet States of America, the United Spanish States of America.

What if the Spanish armada was successful when the attacked England and claimd all of the Original 13 Colonies. How would the colonies name, culture, and government change? Would Spain focus on increasing size immediatly, later, or not at all? How would they deal with the Native Americans? How would they deal with the French occupation of New Orleans? Would Mexico expand easternly, towards the colonies; or north to Canada and Alaska? How would America's Central and Moutain zones be affected? Would the Native Americans live there in peace or would Spanyards invade/colonize? If they lived in peace, the Native Americans, would it become a big Native American reserve? In modern times, how would Spain today be affected? Would it be the only superpower? How would it be involved in WWI & WWII? Would the Cold War occur? Would England be part of Spain or out of the picture? Would Spain go on a military Campaign in Europe? South America? Asia? Africa? Oceania? Overal discuss.


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Can you please help clarify your questions and space them out please? I know what the Spanish Armada you're referring to (1588), but others may not. Include dates or give a page about the event.




Tsk, tsk. Don't you know how much history can diverge with such an early POD?

Oh yeah, by the time that any good colonies were founded in North America, the Spanish were way past their peak. So it can't be the 1588 Armada, that's way too early. Roanoke was in its infancy at that time.

So, please clarify.