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Altered Truths


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Since the internet is accessible to everyone and since anyone can just add any piece of information, I often think about all the possibilities that history could be corrupted and that most truths are still out there. Have you ever thought about this possibility?


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Truth is altered every day in a thousand ways.


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History is written by the winners Pepper. You could say that history is born corrupted. We don't need the internet to corrupt our perceptions of the past. All the internet does, in this regard, is speed up the process of people getting information..

"On July 18, 1815, a courier working for Rothschild informed the English government that Napoleon appeared to be suffering defeat at Waterloo. The English government, believing instead that they were losing the battle, dismissed the courier's report and believed it to be false information. At this point, with England's future seeming dire, Rothschild began selling all of his bonds, encouraging rumors that Napoleon had won and that English government paper would soon be worthless. Due to Rothschild's reputation as a influential, renowned and respected investor, the panicked English public followed his lead. The mass selling resulted in a total collapse of the English stock exchange. It was then that Rothschild's agents began snatching up bonds and stock at record-low prices. Two days later, when Wellington's envoy confirmed that Napoleon Bonaparte had indeed suffered a crushing defeat, Nathan Rothschild was effectively in control of the English stock exchange. As of 2015, the English government was still paying back money owed to the Rothschild family from this Napoleonic maneuver".

Source: https://www.quora.com/Why-does-500-...swer/Shubham-Nath-6?share=9cc3629b&srid=hXkDu
Verified by many other sites and history books.

That couldn't happen today. Not with the speed of the internet.