Alston Charged With Felony Assault

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    USA Today -
    Houston Rockets guard Rafer Alston was released without bail on Tuesday after being charged with stabbing a man at a Manhattan nightspot, which is his second brush with the law this month.

    Police arrested Alston, 31, early Monday on felony assault charges after responding to a brawl at a nightclub on West 29th Street. A criminal complaint alleges that amid the ruckus, he slashed another club customer in the neck.

    New York Post -
    Following an incident at a New York night club, Rafer Alston was released without bail at his arraignment last night.

    His lawyer, Alberto Ebanks, said the man allegedly slashed told a story "virtually impossible" to believe and "this case is motivated by money."

    He said two bouncers are among several witnesses ready to testify to his client's innocence.

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