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All Right?

Thought id find somewhere to chat about stuff and sort of share stuff with. Also alot of people are telling me to get on a forum, thought i'd give it a crack. Im 21, Im from Lancashire in England. Dunno what else to start off with really, probably best if I answer questions you wanna know i guess.

Hope to see you all around some time


Registered Member

Err...I like football, TV, easily fascinated by science and that.
I write, infact I intend to keep a blog going on here now I notice I can do that.
Always reading newspapers, magazines (mostly my girlfriend's they're more interesting)
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Creeping On You
Your username made me laugh, awesome. Hopefully you're as funny as your name suggests. Welcome to GF


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Welcome to the forums, seems like your name is a bit imcomple lol. I hope you decide to stick around GF. We have a bunch of cool members here and we are always looking for new opinions.

If you have any questions please don't be shy to ask.


Registered Member
Hello & welcome! :D Do you like music or photography? We have awesome sections for those too!


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Another person with an interesting username. Don't make me feel threatened now :p

Nice to have another person around :)
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