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Alright, who reported us...


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AKA Ass-Bandit
Who shot who in the what now?


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See Merc buy into the idea that the money belongs to the government.

Sue's dad's property taxes paid for her public indoctrination. He is still paying to indoctrinate other little minds of mush.

Did Sue pay back her student loans, or is she camped out downtown smoking weed demanding they be forgiven?

So Sue got to keep the some of the fruits of her labor? Was that a blessing from king 0bama?

Psst, don't tell Sue, but her healthcare will soon be dictated by bureaucrats. Too bad Sue, that operation is too expensive compared to your worth to society.

Also don't tell Sue that the deduction is only for the interest on her mortgage. But it doesn't matter, some have already conceded that the money belongs to the government, they will let us keep what they decide we deserve.

OMG, Sue had a baby! And she gets to keep some more of her own money too! Thank you thank you lord 0bama! All praise to dear leader who makes our lives possible!

WOW, Sue managed to keep a little more of her own money by promising to have her children indoctrinated too? (never mind the part about how that money is promised back to the government schools)

Never mind about how social security is going broke, or that Sue was forced under threat of imprisionment to pay for that stuff, or any of that nonsense.


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Embrace the Suck
Dammit SS, why do you always have to use facts and logic to dispute all that nonsense :lol: Lord knows they have no place in all this demonization.


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I dnno1 why I have to do that CO

I also don't know why Jay Carney joined GF.


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