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Alright, really?


Problematic Shitlord
Am I going to have to start an international Racism Celebration Week around here just to chase people out? Seriously, the butthurt is palpable around here. Ya'll bitches ever wonder if you're being trolled?

By the whitest motherfucker on the plant with the dankest weed?

I mean, just look at this shit he wrote. Motherfucker is white as shit.


For a Free Scotland
I'm tha master of bater, mastered the force like Vader//
cottage cheese 'n butter beans I get my lubricants catered//
I got lubricant waiters, order some bread 'n tomaters//
and what I don't fuck, stuff in a to-go box 'n fuck it later//
got a thing for vaseline, sour cream and saliva...//
lyrically spit 'n scribble, while I spit slap and dribble//
pivot swivvle my dick 'n spit in 360 like irrigation//
rubbin so hard that I got a penal skin irritation!//
commense tha smackin 'n slappin, spank crank 'n dick shake//
I'll come to ya stupid kid's birthday party and fuck the cupcakes//
I'm the one that fucked the jelly 'n put it back in the fridge//
I'm the one that had the string cheese wrapped all over my dick//
I'm the one you saw at Kroger drillin holes in cucumbers//
got more Woody than Toy Story; dick's harder than lumber//
I like to lie on the ground, with my dick standin up//
I ain't lyin to yall, I really don't give a fuck//
stick my dick in Playdough, if it won't give a nut//
I like to fart, take a shit then slather cheese on my butt//
but so what? got a problem cus ya boy is horny?//
do you understand, wakin up erect in tha morning?//
have you ever fucked a glass of soggy Saltine crackers?//
has your dick ever been straighter than an ascended laddar?//
could ya tell me 'bout, jackin off with Bush's Baked Beans?//
have ya ever been asleep bustin a nut in your dreams?//
when you step in ya jeans, does it strain on tha seams?//
"Can I jack you off?"...bitch there ain't no playin with me//
I'm a fuckin solo artist! we ain't a god damn team//
I could fuck anything! with a little handcream....//
got a mat, where I jack, so my carpet stays clean...//
got a sack, where I stash, all my jackin off things//
tissues oils 'n lotions, thats tha magical potion//
moanin groanin 'n stroakin, toilet paper I'm soakin//
tha rooster cool with me, cus it's tha chicken I'm chokin,//
safety goggles on face, so I can keep my eyes open//
and I'm hopin some day, my girl friend will drop her draws//
'til then one hand on dick, the other hand on my balls//
super sick, freak nasty, if you was freaky
you, wouldnt be laughing, bitches slap me//
cus I talk, dirty when I'm extra horny....
fuck beatin with righty dry cus that's extra boring...//
bitch get on my nerves look out! facial while she sleep//
wakin up, face stuck, to tha bed sheets...yea...//
I don't give a damn, cus I'm open bout my stroakin//
penis poppin out my pants, ain't no way that I could cloak it//
mic master, dick blaster, verbal ecstacy//
yall couldn't come close to my talent jackin off next to me//
n fuck a fake, frontin faggot claim they never beat...//
gettin defensive offended cus they tryin to act street//
drivin down tha street.....recessive hand on their meat//
can't get out the fuckin car, cus they stuck to the seat//
come to class in baggy pants, jus to hide they erection//
I don't give a mother fuck I let it point like directions//
when it comes to produce, bitches I got connections//
'n that's serious, from a masturbater's perspective//
I got employees constantly scheamin on tha down low//
gettin me anything I require from the grocery sto'//
carrots broccli n lettuce, vegetational fetish//
I fucked so many tomatos I think my dick turnin reddish//
though I'm always on screen so I don't know how red it gets//
toilet paper wrapped around it cus I know how wet it gets//
my dick's always stimulated like I fucked amphetamins//
even lacto bitches beggin for my milky medicines//
when I stop, I'ma let ya know; till then I'ma let it flow//
pass a chick in the hall, watch my penis grrrooowwwww//

He's whiter than me, if such a thing is possible.



I don't care if he's a racist,
nor do I care if he isn't.

To each their own.
Life goes on.


Sally Twit
But there are things you would care about, Elly. If someone posted about mistreating their dog I'm sure you'd have a lot to say.
Everyone has a sensitive spot.


Problematic Shitlord
Easy on the trolling Blur, you're going past eleven.

Not all of us on GF are able to detect it.


Ok define trolling for me its been a looonnngg time man

and hey, woudl you like it if i made an audio of that rap i typed up? lol


I punted my cat across the living room once
I'm sure she loved it!
But there are things you would care about, Elly. If someone posted about mistreating their dog I'm sure you'd have a lot to say.
Everyone has a sensitive spot.
I get your point and I'm not trying to defend him because I don't really care/know him.

What I'm trying to say is that we should not start drama out of a user title.

I can say some shitty things in there, yet it doesn't have to be taken seriously.
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