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Alone or with someone else?


Do you do your shopping alone or with someone else?
Yes/No and Why?


I prefer to shop alone. It do it better and faster. If I go shopping with someone else, it will mostly be a waste of time. I won't have the chance to go and see whatever I want to, anytime.


aka ginger warlock
I live on my own so I do most of my shopping by myself but I always prefer shopping by myself, I like to take my time and not be rushed by anyone.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
Typically I would rather be alone but I think shopping wise I'd rather have someone else with me. Maybe not food shopping but clothes shopping or gift shopping.

I'm just a guy when it comes to that stuff. Let's face it, I suck.


Registered Member
Usually on my own because i can get it done quicker unfortunately i'm more prone to impulse buying when i'm on my own and end up spending twice as much as i intended. Shopping with women is sooooo bad it seems to drag on forever and it's true that you go in all the shops without buying anything then go back to the first shop you went in to buy something, i do miss it sometimes though.


Registered Member
I prefer to go alone, I prefer to do most things alone, I guess it's just my age. But a lot of times I have the granddaughter, but she's not bad taking to buy food and such, she doesn't nag me to buy this or beg me to purchase this. She pretty much gets whatever she wants anyway when we go to the food store, but she never has a hissy if I do say no. In fact, after we get home from the food store, and I am putting away all the stuff, it's then I realize (and it always happens) the majority of the food and drinks, about 90% are for her, there isn't much I found that I bought for my own self :)


Registered Member
I guess you mean clothes shopping and the like, not grocery shopping?

I only ever go with my best mate, we are in and out in less than an hour with everything we have on our list. I hate going on my own as I might as well have a blindfold on. I hate shopping centres, and I am in such a rush to get out I forget why I am there


Registered Member
I like shopping! I never go alone but theres always tons of stuff i want even food. I like to cook so i always look for stuff to do that with if im trying to learn to make a new recipee.


Sally Twit
Food shopping is done online. Nothing worse than a bunch of people knocking in to you with their trolley. Everyone is pretty rude when they're buying food. And I hate it when people stand in the same spot browsing for ages when I'm trying to get something.

Other shopping like clothes and that is done on my own because I like to get in and out as quick as possible (insert penis joke here) as I hate shopping. I don't like it when people try something on fifty times and end up putting it back. So I'd rather just go alone, find what I want and go back home.


yellow 4!
Alone x 16,770. I don't mind going shopping with others but 8 times out of 10 I won't buy anything. I much prefer just being able to quickly go wherever I want and if it drags on too long then I can't be bothered and prefer to just wonder around looking at things instead of thinking about what to buy.


Registered Member
Definitely alone! I hate shopping, my goal is to get in and out as quick as possible. I find shopping with someone takes at least twice as long.