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Haters gonna hate.
Welcome to GF, mastercommander. (What an awesome name, by the way.) It is great to see you around these here parts! What brings you to GF?


New Member
Thanks!. Im from sydney. Im in my 20s. Im an aspiring writer. Currently working on a manuscript which i hope to finish soon! I love soccer, music and watching movies. Im part French/Vietnamese, 190cm tall, and this is my first time on a forum.


Registered Member
Aloha and welcome to GF! :D I'm Dekzper in America but I wish I lived on Oahu. I'm mostly Scottish, have been doing forums since I was little, am 16, 165 cm, and love writing, music, and soccer so I'll def see you in the threads! :D What do you write about (mystery, etc)? What kinds of music do you like?
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Sally Twit
Now tell us what you DON'T like about yourself. We want to know your dirty secrets.

Welcome aboard the train. Nice to have you here.


Registered Member
Hi and welcome. Do you usually use forums? What do you like about them? I hope you like it here and participate a lot.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Aloha Masterbater, oops I mean Commander. Great to have you among us. We do have a lively bunch that like to have fun and take there clothes and go run on the street naked while yelling "I see dead people" I know it might be weird to get used too at first, but after a while you'll be doing the same thing in Sydney.

See you around.
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