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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Saniya, Oct 9, 2006.

  1. Saniya

    Saniya Guest

    Howdy every one,
    Even though it dosent really tell you anyting about me, I was refered by SenatorB, the formarly fro toteing one.

    So about me.... Hmm....
    Well I am what you would think of as an arien, blond hair, blue eyes, paleiest skin of any one in my school (even paler than the goths, its not fair), 5'8, and my pall calls me a barbie doll due to my body shape. So thats what I look like, what else.

    Oh hobbies. I like to spend hours on the internet, I play capoeira, dance and sing.

    Life in Hawaii, yeah it sounds fun but once you get over the beach and the heat, life is freaking boring for me. I dont have a boyfriend, I have to sit in hot class rooms with no AC for 8 hours a day, and I work at a Health Food store. Man I cant wait to go to Australia with my Best pall this spring break.

    So yeah thats me.

    now that thats out of the way I have a retorical question, would any of you switch lives with me, and if so why?

  2. BigBlue

    BigBlue ----------------------

    I like my life lol well somewhat so no, and maybe you should hit a "tan"-ing booth haha, thats the #1 joke all my friends use on me and its so lame...

    anyways Welcome, again..
    btw: is that you on your avatar?
  3. SenatorB

    SenatorB J.S.P.S

    Welcome to the site... glad you joined up. Post around and such, we have lots to offer, and for the most part we're pretty laid back. Good to see a real intro too. Told you on MSN already, but love the fifth element avy.

    I wouldn't switch lives with you... Hawaii is fun to visit, but I can't imagine living in that sort of heat, and going to your highschool with those ridiculously large security guards.

    I'll toss you some rep and points to get you started.
  4. BigBlue

    BigBlue ----------------------

    oh I was just going to tell her she looks a lot like that girl from the fifth element...lmao
  5. Saniya

    Saniya Guest

    no thats not me, and thanks for the points. I am not a compleet noob. :D
  6. Kos4Evr

    Kos4Evr Registered Member

    Welcome to the board. Please make yourself at home and enjoy your stay. Might we know how old you are? I ask because we have members of many ages. The youngest that I know of are 13. I think one member was 72, but I can't remember for certain. Do you like anime or games? Since you like dancing, are you good at Dance Dance Revolution?
  7. 31marquis32

    31marquis32 Guest

    Hey wats up, welocme to FC stay cool...stay active...and stay spam free
  8. Babe_Ruth

    Babe_Ruth Sultan of Swat Staff Member V.I.P.

    Wow I'm schock Senator recruited a member, I never though I would see the day. Just kidding. Welcome to the forums I'm very glad you've decided to join these forums, and I am really happy that you've decided to join these forums, enjoy yourself and post as much as you can.
  9. SenatorB

    SenatorB J.S.P.S

    Careful Vince, I'm catching up to you XD
  10. Saniya

    Saniya Guest

    I loves vidoe games and anime. In fact I just discovered that I have free on demand, do you know what the anime network is? Oh.... my....GOD!!!! they have the weirdiest most random anime I have ever seen, and growing up where their is a large Japaneese culture, I have watched some WEIRD anime.

    For the games I am currently obsessed with X-men Legends. Its takeing a while cause I spent like three hours going back to the cut seen where Remy is being all whiny at Roge. I couldent help it, it was sooooo cute. But thats not to say I dont play other games, DOE, Halo, Fable,.... pritty much X-box. As for the DDR I am not the best, I dont memorize the dances as many do, and I do not have the leet foot to pad skills of every asain on this freaking island... stupid DDR , and being basicly ingrained in their freaking DNA. My arcade game of choice is Point Blank. It's old, but I have every high score on the highscore screen in both the beginner and the expert.

    As for my age, I am 17 and if any one cares this is what I look like....



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