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PC Games Almost bought F.E.A.R. today


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Staff member
I was at GameStop today and took a good look at F.E.A.R. I came close to picking it up but passed for now. Who here has it?

I heard it's kind of a horror/scary first person shooter. Is this true? Like how is it scary? I guess Half-Life could be considered scary in some parts. Is it like that, or more like DOOM scary?


Registered Member
Half-Life is by far a lot creepier. The whole idea of Half Life 2 solidifies it as the creepiest FPS. There are much more puzzle problems in Half Life then there are in FEAR. Fear is more about the overall action strategy of gun based battles rather then setting something up to kill your enemy, you just hide, run, use different manuvers to kill your enemy rather then fighting random monsters that come right after you. Essentially you're fighting an enemy that is as smart as yourself in some cases.

The scary part of fear is the subplot with the little girl and leader of the clone battalion. The atmosphere is a little lighter then HL 2 with a bit of humor thrown in throughout the game.


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I just got F.E.A.R and it fcking rocks. I have Half Life 2 also. This game is scary as hell. The atmosphere is nuts, its frantic, and the physics are great. I love blowing peoples heads, legs, arms, and torsos apart.

I have yet to play the multiplayer, I suggest coping this game when you got a chance.


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F.E.A.R. is the best game i have ever played.I finished it, about 3 weeks ago. :sick: I think i can play it again. :cool: