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  1. They call me Q. I am a giant. I like my sports, music and after hours entertainment. I go to school to bake bread for right now, I work at a group home and as a bouncer. I love my habs, the internets, and food. Working out is pretty badass, and crosby is the goddamn man! If you're jealous of him, meh, tfb for you. I enjoy almost all sports, but none as much as hockey, all others are just a time killer for hockey. MMA is pretty awesome too. That is all

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    Welcome to the forums my fellow Habs fan, I am really glad you've decided to join these forums. It seems that you're going to be pretty active which is good news. Because I am sure if you give Fusion Central a chance you'll like them a whole lot. Enjoy yourself and I'll see ya around the forums.
  3. oxyMORON

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    Bouncer eh? I remember a gentlman's club in Las Vegas had to be closed down because a bouncer broke some guy's neck...

    welcome to the forums!
  4. yea those arent the good kind of bouncers, i dont lke to put my hands on people, i like the line, hey bud i need to talk to you out here, while walking them to the door then when i get there im like :no: you cant come back in, and most people will argue but they usually just walk away, i had one drunk come at me but i side stepped him and aided him out the door...i dont like to get physical too much chance of me getting hurt
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    Welcome aboard. Hope you stick around and enjoy yourself.
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    Welcome to fusion!

    I hope you can help to get the hockey section going again. While im a Leafs fan im glad to see a Habs fan come around and while I hope to have a few heated discussions with you , It'll all be in good fun.
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    Welcome to FC! Enjoy yourself.
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    What kind of music do you like?

    Haha, in chemistry the people in our groups are assigned jobs. I was the bouncer.
    I pretty much made sure everyone was on task or I could bash their head in.

    Which was funny considering I was the only girl in my group and the guys were probably just under 6ft tall....

  9. anything and everything, i love music in general and will give anything a try. Country doesnt do much for me as a whole, but right now i've been listenin to a lot of the white stripes, some rage against the machine, and kanyes new album, A lot of other stuff too tho
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    Welcome to Fusion-Central mate, have a good time here and enjoy your stay.

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