Do you have allergies?

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I don't think I've seen a topic on this so here we go...

Who has allergies?

All my life I haven't ever had allergies. unfortunately as of yesterday I do not believe this is true anymore. I have never felt like this before i am sneezing more than I have ever done before, I'm coughing a lot, my eyes are watering up, and my throat is sore all day.

I'm pretty sure that I have allergies now.:( (My mom says that you can get them if you are exposed to something too much, obviously not all things but some things)

other allergies: Penicilin

So who else has allergies?
i sneeze sometimes in the summer when there is a lot of pollin in the air ..... but i really get allergies from drinking milk ( lactose and tolerant ) i just have a runny nose and sneeze for about an hour then it goes away


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My allergies have been killing me over the last week here...same symptoms as you, dDave. I'm not 100% sure what it is I'm allergic to, but I noticed that it usually happens when the ragweed count is high. I went through most of my life without them, but then a few years ago, they started bothering me, usually towards the end of summer. Yay!
I've got a couple of allergies. I get really bad allergies around this time from something or another. My eyes get itchy and I start sneezing like mad. It's really damn annoying. I also have a similar reaction to cat and dog dander.

I may also be allergic to penicillin, but I'm not 100% sure. I was given it once, and not too long after I broke out in hives, so it was just attributed to the penicillin.


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Environmental allergies for me, just not sure exactly which pollen, etc it is. I have to take Claritin during the summer now.

I'm also allergic to bees, benadryl, novacaine, lidocaine, and surgical tape.
I lightly suffer from hay fever but otherwise only have one allergy that I know of and that's to elastoplast. I come up in a horrible rash whenever I put one on. Until I knew of better methods, I'd use bandages for even small cuts.


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well I wake up this morning and I feel terrible.

sore throat
watery eyes
very stuffy nose
plenty of sneezing and coughing.



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I am allergic to just about everything in the world.. Its nice. I rarely get a cough from them. I always get an insanely stuffy nose and headaches, and I am always really itchy. I am even allergic to some allergy medications lol.. So really I lose.


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Pollen, Dust, Stainless Steel, Trees, Grass, Ragweed, Fungi, Bed Sheets, Chocolate, Insect Bites/Stings, and I can't remember the rest. Still discovering what I am allergic to.