Allen Iversons future



I jsut read a trade rumour that AI might be traded for Ricky Davisa dna few other guys to the Wolves...
I doubt this will go through but i feel that AI should stay in Philly and that the Sixers should move Webber and Dalembert with some role players and an inside presence...someone who can draw double teams like Eddy Curry....AI's been playing better and better since his horrible 2004 season where he played like 24 games or sumthin....he stepping his game up by a notch every year and Billy King should make some smart moves that will help the franchise.......

What are your views....

PS:Imagine a duo of KG and AI....AI shoots he misses KG wid the putback...get KG to PHilly!!!!!!!


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Wow if that did happen, and Allen Iverson went the the T-Wolves and he would be teamates with Kevin Garnett, that would be an awesome combanation. But I don't know if AI wants to stay in Philly to be honest with you especially that they didn't make the playoffs, even though the Wolves haven't made the playoffs this year as well, but he knows if he plays with KG he knows that he has a chance to win a NBA Championship, so if Billy King ask AI if he wants to be traded to the Wolves I am pretty sure he would say yes.


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If Iverson feels like he could go to the playoffs and possibly win a championship with Garnett, then he'll probably do it. and I don't think KG's going to go to Pilly either


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wow, Kevin Garnett and Iverson playing together? itd be an awesome pair to go up against! i better get the phillies iverson jersey cuz its gonna be exclusive if he is traded, lol


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Yes it would be a dynamic duo, do I think they can play together sure they can play together, because Kevin Garnett is very unselfish, and so is Allen Iverson when wants to. I do believe that they would have a great chance to win a NBA Championship even though the real powerhouses are in the West those two together make the team a contender right away.


I don't think Ai gonna to Twolvez, if KG isnt in the trade, Billy King is stupid, hes trying to get like Isiah, maybe he made it.

Ricky Davis never played regular, one good game here, in few days he made a good game too...