Allen Iverson Sig


Aw, Here It Goes!
Well im back with a new sig. I think this is my best one yet what do you guys think.(Im makin' it smaller though.)



Sultan of Swat
Staff member
The sig is good, the picture is really nice, I love the font, but I don't like the background, I don't like the color brown, it doesn't look good. But other then that not to bad. 7.5/10


yea the picture is nice, text is nice, could have a different border but the color of the BG doesnt reall match and is kinda yuck..
What other people have been saying... it looks alright except for the color... you wouldn't even have to change the color so much as just add more depth and variance to it so it's not so dull.


Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
Lets make the Bg a darker more appealing brown and u will have an awesome sig.Besides that I see nothing wrong with this sig besides it needs to be alittle less blurry. Cause I am feeling in a good mood I give this sig a 8.5/10 only because u gotta work on the bg, it is nice to see a bg that color and not one of the frequently used colors, it's quite refreshing i must say^^;Awesome job Fresh!