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Allen, Garnett on Nets Trade Radar



The New Jersey Nets are looking to trade for Seattle SuperSonics guard Ray Allen and Minnesota Timberwolves forward Kevin Garnett. Nets forward Vince Carter and guard Jason Kidd could be included a trade.

When asked what the Nets want for Carter, a league source said, "They want everything." The Nets want a combination of players, including one big man, and draft picks. For Kidd, they would want more.

What's the deal with trading Kidd? It would be a huge mistake.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
The Nets are finally playing good ball, I don't think they should trade anyone, even if its to get Kevin Garnett, or Ray Allen, and also I think Carter is better then Allen anyways, so they would lose that trade. Leave the big three alone and let them play.



What's the deal with trading Kidd? It would be a huge mistake.
It would depend on what they could get for Kidd. Personally if the right deal came along then I would be all for trading Kidd. Don't get me wrong Kidd is a fantastic player but he is getting up in age and the Nets aren't going to be winning a NBA Championship anytime soon so it might be best to start thinking about maybe dealing Kidd.


A Darker Knight
Isn't Kidd getting old anyway? He can only play well so so many more years. I think Carter and Kidd are just good bait to lure in some other stars (like Garnett).