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Allegedly haunted locations in your city or town


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I had lunch with a few of my friends today, and we struck up an interesting conversation about allegedly haunted locations in Vancouver, so I thought it would make an interesting thread on GF. While I'm extremely skeptical of supernatural occurrences, I do find the stories behind the folklore fascinating.

Anyways, we have a few places here in Vancouver that people claim are haunted. The "Red Lady" is one of the most popular folklore of the city. People have claimed to see a woman in a red dress that haunts the 14th floor of the Vancouver Fairmont Hotel.

Another one is the intersection at 36 Ave and 128t Street where a guy was killed in an accident, and now his ghost supposedly haunts the intersection. Coincidentally, that intersection has a very high volume of accidents. Oddly enough, my dad had a really bad accident at the very same intersection in 1999, where his car flipped over, resulting in a broken leg, a broken arm, a fractured hand, multiple muscle and soft tissue injuries, and a big ugly scar near his left eye left by a shard of glass that missed his eye by a fraction of an inch.

There's also a house on Quebec Street that's allegedly haunted by evil spirits and some people believe that there's a demonic presence in the house as well. It's actually the sight of the Kosberg ax murders. In 1965, a kid hacked his parents and his 4 brothers and sisters to death with an ax. It's kinda like Vancouver's version of the Amityville Horror. The ax used in the murders is up on display at the house. That place has some seriously bad vibes.

And my friend told me about this one just today, there's a restaurant on Granville Street called the Old Spaghetti Factory which is haunted by one of it's deceased employees.

Anyways, like I said, I don't really believe in any ghosts or apparitions and I probably never will until I see one with my own two eyes. However, that doesn't mean I don't find the stories behind these myths fascinating. Do you have any locations or landmarks in your town or city that are supposedly haunted?


Ooo this is fun. There are a few places said to be haunted in my town. One of them is the 'Old Geelong Gaol'. You can do ghost tours through the gaol and ghost hunters have been in there before. I've never been in there at night time, but I went during the day once and it was so creepy.

I mean, just LOOK at these photos of it.


There are a couple of other old properties that are said to be haunted, there's a big old building down near the bay but I forgot the name of it.


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there are lots of abandoned buildings in Massachusetts. Especially around Worcester. There is this abandoned dilapitated psychiatric hospital that is so old built around the 19th C.Worcester State Hospital - Abandoned Photography at Opacity I have never been to this place but there are tons of "haunted" abandoned buildings in the state of MA. I have never been to these places because you need permission to enter these places and get sometimes a permit because some of these places are hazards to your health. Also its prohibited to enter to some of these places. I would be terrified to go to these places....but if I had the opportunity...yes. But definately definately not by myself. More like in a group because it would give me the creeps. I also don't believe in any paranormal stuff. Do i believe in spirits? yes. I believe everything even a rock has a spirit. Sort of like the Shinto religion and kami. Japanese people believe everything has a spirit. As to ghosts like Casper...no. I don't believe in ghosts.


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We've got a good bit of "Haunted" places in my town.

The first one is a mansion which is called "Bakers Mansion".

It's said to be haunted by the man who built it, Elias Baker, his daughter Anna Baker and occasionally her brother Sylvester. Elias told Anna she wasn't allowed to marry her fiance because he was just a steelworker. A wedding dress was put in the house after it was turned into a museum and people have said to have seen it move or have walked by and noticed it was moved from the way it was previously hung. Also on full moons it has been said that they notice the wedding dress shaking violently because Anna is upset that the wedding dress is in her room and she never got to be married.

Elias is said to haunt the dining room, Sylvester the halls and occasionally they will hear a scream from the basement where a freezer once was that held another brother named David who died in a steamboat accident and was placed in the freezer until they could give him a proper burial.

One of the other bigger places that is said to be haunted here is called the "Horseshoe Curve".

It's a tunnel by a set of railroads where it's said if you flash your lights three times and turn everything off, you're able to hear people laughing and shadows walking by the car. It's also said if you go on a cold night where frost is on your car, you'll see hand prints on your car as well.

We have a park called "Lakemont Park" where we have an old roller coster where a maintenance worker was killed on it during a test run and people have said while riding it that he's been seen working on the ride.

There's an old fort called "Fort Roberdeau".

Here, it's said that in the past, there was a guard on one of his shifts that was killed by an Indian. Other then the guard, there was also a body of a little boy and a dog that was found nearby. The one there now is a second fort built to replicate the original because it was falling apart. There are cornfields on both sides and if you count three phone poles, at night if you sit at the third phone pole and look straight down that you're still able to see the guard working his shift. You're also able to hear the child's laughter and his dog barking and it's said that there's a white orb that appears out of no where and that it's the dog.

The last haunting is one with a lady that we call the "Lady in White" or others call her the "White Lady of the Buckhorn" or the "White Lady of Wopsononock".

One night on their honeymoon, a lady and her husband were driving along a road that was very curvy and many wrecks have occurred (and there still are many wrecks today there but the name of the road is now Juniata Gap). During a certain turn called the "Devils Elbow", the two newlywed's carriage flipped, killing them both. The husbands body had never been found which is where the haunting starts. The "Lady in White" appears on the side of the road looking for her husband, will look men up and down trying to figure out if they are her husband and will also hitchhike. Whenever people pick her up to give her a ride, it's side once they get to the part of the road known is the "Devils Elbow", she'll disappear out of the car.
there are hundreds of "haunted" places here in Portland and Oregon in general. One of the main ones is at the edgefield property which used to be a poor farm. there are about 4 regular ghosts, I've seen two of them.

Our town started as a logging town so there were lots of tragic deaths and resulting ghosts. Then there are the shanghai tunnels. I read somewhere that Portland is one of the most haunted places in the world. I personally think we are just weird here and more open to the possibility of paranormal activities so it gets reported more.


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There aren't much near my place.. but about 2 years ago, me and my friend went to a supposedly haunted place nearby.. some old abandoned primary school in a village and we returned in a few hours.. from the next day onwards i started feeling weird.. and started doing some stuff for no reason which i never remembered about doing so.. like taking my bicycle and going to some weird places.. I was kinda mad for a few days and i slowly became normal.. don't know what the hell happened back then:(


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A few haunted places are spread out throughout Melbourne but I've only been inside one because it's the closest to me. It's an old girls mental asylum where the building has been standing since it shut down 50 odd years ago.

I have been inside it and I strongly believe that it is NOT haunted even though people claim to have seen or even heard shit going down. But what actually DID freak me out was the blood stains all over the rooms and the bath tubs. It could be fake blood and all but it freaked me.

Now, they are knocking the buildings down and they are going to build new estates on there, despite not believing, I wouldn't want to live there. I mean, a mental asylum was there.


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There are many old pubs in Nottingham with ghost stories attached. We have some that have been around for years and people say on certain days of the year you will see ghosts walking through the pub or sitting at the table. It's funny that people believe it if you ask me.


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Linda Vista Community Hospital in Los Angeles. I've worked on gigs that have shot there. It's a big film shoot hot spot and a lot of music videos, movies and TV shows shoot there. It was closed down a few decades ago due to the rapid gang violence and hostility in the area. Now it's just a derelict.

Many rumors of ghosts and apparitions have been sighted there.

I had wrapped on a film shoot there at 2 AM once. The electric crew and I had just finished wrapping the truck. We still had our headlamps and flashlights and decided to go venture into Linda Vista to see if we could have any ghostly encounters. When we tried to enter the hospital, the gate was already locked. We never saw anyone come out of the hospital and lock the padlock nor did we hear anyone come out and lock the gate.

Never found out how that gate got closed up.


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There was one place that was "allegedly" haunted, although it was just a field about three streets from my house.

However, it did have a creepy person living in a trailer on that property for about 50 years... and they died along in their home. Think what you will, but kids were scared sh**less to go across that property after he died.