All-you-can-eat Chinese Buffet!


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So I found an all you can eat Chinese buffet near me recently and for me it's a great find. Chinese food is probably my favorite buffet food. I love it.

Who else here is a huge fan of Chinese?
Love the big C food.

Hate the buffet.

Ive always had...well

TMI alert.

whenever I go to a chinese buffet, without fail, I get the shits.


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That's just how it is EX, :lol:

Chinese is great, but only when they actually take time to prepare it. I hate to go to buffets to be honest.


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Don't get me wrong, I like other buffet's as well (especially Italian) but Chinese food is meant for being in a buffet. It just works.

Sometimes I wish the standard buffet stuff was a bit spicier though.


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I love Chinese food. They're good for buffet when they're properly heated. I've been to an awful restaurant where some of the dishes were already cold.


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I LOVE Chinese food. It's my absolute favourite. I prefer take-away though. There is a Chinese place right near me and it's the bees knees.

I had a bad experience at a Chinese buffet once. All of the noodles were just stuck together and everything just looked sloppy. I still ate it though. ;)


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I'm picky about the chinese restaurants I go to and there are only a couple of them which are actually owned and run by Chinese people down here that I will visit because you never know what you are getting in the other places. I think Japanese cuisine is my more favorite over chinese though only because I grew up on it while living in Germany because we were babysat by the upstairs neighbors daily while my mother went to school at night and they were Japanese and didn't make anything but so that's what we ate. And now we have a Kyoto Express right down the road from me which one of our patients parents is the chef at. Yummy... I just got to remember not to eat there on a daily basis.
I usually only enjoy Chinese food after a day of work. I'm too tired to cook - even those TV dinner meals - and just prefer a quick take out. I love the noodles the most! ^.^;