All Time best Running Back


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There was topic made about a month ago about the All Time Best Quarterback. Now lets switch Quarterback to Running back. So with so many great Running Backs that played in the NFL(Berry Sanders, Emmit Smith, Curtis Martin, and Walter Payton to name a few) who do you beleive is the best of All Time?

It's a really tough choice because Berry Sanders was amazing and retired before his time. But if I have to pick one it has to be Walter"Sweetness'' Payton. The way he stiffed armed opponents, ran over them or just took control of the game was amazing. In my mind there wasn't any running back that could break tackles like he could. Everytime I watch some old highlights from his games I get goosebumps. So who do you guys think was the best? And why?


Barry Sanders, HANDS DOWN. Just think if Barry had the offensive line or team for that matter that Emmitt Smith had. If Barry would have stuck around like Smith did then he'd be the all-time leading rusher EASILY.


Sultan of Swat
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Sanders was an amazing running back, and I rank him 2 tied with Jim Brown, both of them retired early, and who knows how good they could of been if they played has long has Smith did.

But I would have to go with Walter Payton, what he did on that football field was simply amazing. The way he broke tackles was simply amazing. He scored touchdowns at will, and had the biggest heart in the NFL. He was just a joy to watch.


Sexy Beast
My top 10 running backs of all time:

1. Barry Sanders
2. Jim Brown
3. Walter Payton
4. Emmit Smith
5. Earl Campbell
6. O.J Simpson
7. Tony Dorsett
8. Eric Dickerson
9. John Riggins
10. Marcus Allen