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Discussion in 'Politics & Law' started by lavoidgaskins, Oct 13, 2006.

  1. lavoidgaskins

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    When you file your taxes what exactly do you do? How do you go about it? Are you truthful? Do you feel uncle Sam takes to much?

    Today I noticed that I was claiming 3 dependants when I only claim my self. The right thing to do was to fix it, so I did. In a since I guess it was the right thing to do. That and I wouldn't want to get in trouble with the government.

    To make a unneeded thread short I'll revert you back to the beginning of this thread. I truly want every ones opinions and facts on taxes because this is now a big part of my life.

  2. Redem

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    Can't really say I pay taxes I don't have job and too young to have one tht worth it

    but I for one don't complain about them and see them as neccessary evil, although I saw sometime some people have rather extreme stance on them (not personally of course, but they are rather creepy character as they are tend to be adept of conspiracy theory)
  3. SenatorB

    SenatorB J.S.P.S

    Taxes make sense... we get the benefits of public works, such as safety because of a police force and fire department, enjoyment from facilities such as parks, and much more... and it all needs to be paid for. When you buy, rent, or use a product, you pay for it... who pays for public things? the people who use it, or the public... you and me.
  4. I'm too young to pay taxes, but I don't mind them. On the other hand, from what I hear, the US government has been taxing the wrong people. Corporations are paying 1-2 cents on the dollar while the middle to high incomers are paying what, 20%+ on the income tax.

    Oh, and I believe that American Indians should still pay taxes on casinos. "Oh, we were here before you were, we don't owe you anything." Yeah, it was their land, and that fact still has gotten through to them yet.
  5. lavoidgaskins

    lavoidgaskins Registered Member

    I know they make sense but they hurt so damn much. I lost 1/6 of my check because of it. I have a question for you Senator (and yes every one can answer). If there were no taxes where would we be?
  6. Hoosier_Daddy

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    There are only two things in life that are certainties. Death and taxes. Without taxes we would be without:

    * A military.

    * A police force.

    * A fire department.

    * Public water works.

    * Roads and highways.

    * Social services for the disadvantaged.

    * Schools.

    * A postal service.

    There are many areas of our everyday lives that are run by a publicly funded taxation system, probably too numerous to mention. As for the taxes by class status, it's always been the burden of the working class to bear the majority of the taxation needs. It's unfair and in my opinion, is impossible to change as long as we have politicians in Congress voting legislation on taxes, whose campains are funded by the upper class.

  7. Kazmarov

    Kazmarov For a Free Scotland

    I think that the brunt of taxation should be shifted off the middle class and to a lot of corporations. In California they are working on establishing a "extraction fee" for the oil companies, because they remove a non-replenishable resource from the ground. Our government today is very pro-business and friendly to corporations, but I think that corporations can due a lot of damage and use a lot of resources, and should have to pay for it.

    I believe that our current system of not taxing the poorest people is a good idea, and that the wealthy are if anything undertaxed.

    I think that the federal government is bloated, but things like roads and municipal services are critical to any nation.

    I don't pay taxes, I am too young.
  8. Well, you see, the problem about taxing corporations is that they usually relocate to outside the US, and that helps nobody, not even them. Then, since they did that, and probably begin offshoring as well (not always the case), the economy drops and nobody's in a good mood anymore.

    True, corporations can do a lot of damage and use a bunch of resources, but so can governments. You can't really turn around and say we should tax the government for that, you know what I mean? So, keeping both corporations and governments in check depends on the will of the people.

    Another thing: taxes pay not only for the government, but for those working in the public sector (whose revenues in turn go back to the government). So less taxes would mean some poor people, and those people will probably have pretty powerful lobbyists on their side.

    Too little taxes on the rich, too much on the poor? Well, wouldn't that be solved by just posting one flat income tax? I mean, why should the rich be taxed more? Cause they have more money and should be exploited? Why should the poor be taxed more? Since they're weaker and easier for the government to be bullied?

    Now, this reminds me of the play You Can't Take It With You, since one guy, Grandpa, refuses to pay his taxes, and Mr Henderson, an IRS agent, is trying to make him to.

    Wouldn't it just be a great situation if we only paid taxes on what helps us? I mean, a quarter of the bureaucracy probably does nothing more than push papers around, doing nothing, so why do we have to pay them with our money (well, not yet for me)?
  9. Kazmarov

    Kazmarov For a Free Scotland

    I believe people shouldn't be taxed into poverty. Do you actually believe that a flat income taxes can solve any problems except create more social problems that tax-funded programs try to help eliminate?

    I agreed with you on that. That's quite an obvious statement: government waste has to be lessened.

    The government has to keep itself in check, which really isn't that hard. Then they keep corporations in check.

    Corporations single-handedly killed the entire state of Michigan, and since the state was so friendly to thier business, they didn't get tax funds to help create other industries. They need to be regulated, and taxes from them ensure that they simple can't use and abuse our country and our resources.
  10. lavoidgaskins

    lavoidgaskins Registered Member

    I'm well aware that we would be with out those things. It's just very irritating that the working class put's so much money into these things. Sadly it is just like you said. As long as the rich upper class are producing funds nothing is really going to change.

    I was unaware that California was making moves like this. If the rest of the nation were to start making tax plans like this then things would be more benafisual. There are so many things that can be siad that I wont even bother.

    As for the government it doesn't even matter any more. We live in a nation where money is the big boss. If corporations can rich in the big bucks then of course our government will be extremely happy with them.

    As for you not paying taxes I must say your lucky. When percentages of your check begin to vanish and you have to start paying the government extra amounts of money because you make so much you'll be emotionally hurt.

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