All the things she said


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OMG! I was watching the video All The Things She Said by Tatu and between 40-51 seconds into the song, I thought I heard, "Being with you has opened up my ass."

Listen to it and tell me what you think! (If you don't want to listen to the first thirty seconds, just jump it. There is a timer on the the side thingy.)


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It does sound like ass. If I was doing a dictation on this song for whatever reason, I would've put ass.

and I didn't know t.a.t.u. was a girl...

oh..two girls.....





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lol Yeah, two girls.

Not sure if they are really lesbians or not. Some people say it's just an image.
They claim that they are not. You can find numerous clips on youtube of them guest starring on some show in Engliand explaining all of this. could two girls making out for an entire video, and the majority of their songs talking about them liking each other possibly suggest that they are lesbians?

Listen to the song backwards. It says "Now we're feeling bad, now we're feeling bad..." Here: "Sacrifice" reversed is really cool.

But seriously. You have to take into consideration that they are Russian and they are singing with an accent. "Eyes" probably sounds like "ass" in many accents.

I like "ass" better, though. It's much funnier.