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All the great auctions right now!!


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I just wanted to say congrats to all the great auctioneers right now.....seems like not much happens for a while and then BAM....all these people have great idea's or just plan great auctions going.....nothing like keeping the excitement going on AS as well.....its like I can not wait to log on and see how everyone's great Ideas are doing.....
I don't think I have been this excited for so many at one time before...This is just great and what a blast!!! Well and it helps that I seem to have a good one going as well....so far so good....

They say that things come in three's well seems like we out did that....If you all are not watching these auctions it would be great support for everyone right now if you did......
I hope I don't get in trouble for doing this but.....here is easy access to all the great auctions going on right now...please support everyone that you can by adding these to your watch list and Hey e-mail them to your friends on your personal e-mail list....it can't hurt right?????

The Golden Palace Ghost Cane Cheeto!

OK I did it! I'm selling EVERYTHING!

Oompa Loompa on My Fortune Cookie

AWOL Hubby Will Miss This!!!

Okay, wish me luck...........

A Penny Screw'n A Dime.??

Scandalous X-Ray..reveals male pelvic area.

[email protected]@k What I Bought On Ebay!!!

Bid on my Buns

American Flag Found On My Toast - From Stansoft

Ok guys just take a minute or two and please go through these and add them.........they are all on my watch list and they could be on yours.....
this is a great support system if we would just do that...support!!!!
BTW if I forgot anyone's auction please post it here too.....


Ok some of these links did not work...I copied and pasted them from the auction boards.......please fix your link on this thread...I really think we should all bind together........
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Yep!! This is sooo cool of you to list all these Trina! I've got them all on MY WATCH LIST!! And don't forget to show a little added support...ask some questions! It's very fun and helpful... :D


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I have just been doing that...the kids are down for naps and /or watching TV so I been asking questions......


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WOW Trina your awesome!! THanks!! Going to ask quesitons now!! :)